Hold On

Posted on Posted in Austin Texas

I stay pretty busy at home on the internet because I’m looking for a day job. Therefore sending out resumes, doing phone interviews, skype interviews keep me pretty busy at home in Austin, Texas. However, when I do get out to the grocery store or to a job interview in person or some other chore I have noticed that there is a of anger and rush rush in Austin, Texas.

I went over to the Arboretum area one beautiful sunny day and decided to take the beautiful 360 highway drive south then back again. I was surprised that despite going the posted 55 mph speed limit I had cars honking at me, going right behind me and angry at me. Here I was going the speed limit and enjoying the beautiful view, singing songs to the radio and appreciating the beautiful weather that we are so blessed to have in Austin, Texas. I was enjoying the 360 drive and view not because I have no problems or because my life is carefree but because it was such a beautiful day, it was a day to say “Thank you, love you God and I am not perfect.”

Life is a one time thing because when it’s gone it’s gone and you are dead. Without having appreciated the sunshine, the beautiful view, singing a song in your car because you were too busy with work or with your problems to say “hold on, can I enjoy this beautiful day, can I appreciate all that I have”.

The City of Austin, Texas is changing .. in the past despite variety and various cultures .. it seemed that the City of Austin, Texas was Hispanic controlled. Now in 2015 the City of Austin, Texas has the first Jewish Mayor Steven Adler. Ok, I understand perhaps some anger because Mayor Adler did not reveal he is Jewish until after the run-off elections. People have made statements “if I had known he was Jewish I would not have voted for him.” Which can be interpreted as anti-Semitic or you think that Austin, Texas will become like Israel where Jews and Moslems do not get along. As I said “ok, I understand” and realize that no one wants to have their city turned into a war zone. But is our attitude contributing to that war zone ?

Life is not perfect, even I make statements saying “really you’re going to hire that smooth talking scamming idiot instead of me.” We say it, we release it and it’s gone from our memory so that we can move on to the next – Thing To Do – . As my mother would say “life is not fair” and she was right because things happen and how we react or grow from the situation determines future wawa or future smiles.

The drive along 360 highway going the speed limit of 55 mph and appreciating the view can for a moment allow you to forget about the City of Austin, Texas going on’s and relax. Going to Towne Lake and sitting down to look at the lake, going for a stroll along Congress ave, sitting at Starbucks drinking your favorite beverage are all quality “my time to enjoy” moments that we each can experience on our own.