Your Apple Computer, iPad and iPod

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You grew up with the Beatles band, you tell your friends and kids that you don’t like the Beatles because you think they were and are anti-government, anti- religious ….. yet you have an Apple computer an iPod, iPad, iPhone etc to feel cool and to fit in.

Geez what part of the i did you not get .. the “it’s all about me, me me ” .. the i .. not you and definitely not us. The mentality of  ‘ i want , i need, i like, etc.

Doing research on the internet using I found that Apple computers was founded, was based and inspired by the Beatles. Yes, the same Beatles band that you feel is anti-government, anti-religious etc.

Changing the phrase “the devil made me do it” to the phrase “my apple computer, my apple iPad, my iPod made me do it” just will not work.  And please don’t start trying that well I was on my computer and while I was paying attention consciously my subconscious was screwed around with so there that justifies my behavior.

If you ask me, and this is just if you ask the blogger … then I will tell you that I am and always have been an HP Hewlett Packard girl and a Blackberry phone girl. I am not super religious and need my extra points when I can get them therefore the Apple product is not a part of my life.  Listen, just the picture alone of the Apple products with a bite reminds me of Adam and Eve when Eve went out into the garden and was tempted by the snake and decided to bite the apple. Oh yea now you remember, now you have started to think what the heck has this Apple computer, Apple iPod, Apple iPad been putting into my conscious and subconscious. Ok, so just to be fair I will say that maybe I was screwed consciously or subconsciously to have the spray starch attitude of ALERT anti-government.

Nothing against the Beatles band because I enjoy some of their music and have gone to see Paul McCartney in concert in Austin, Texas.  But just remember how you don’t like them and think they are anti-government, anti-religious, they are too liberal, they were into community sex, they smoked marijuana and were drug users. Then look at you and the impact of the Apple product in your life and look at the impact of the Apple product in the life of your kids, loved ones !

The good thing is that we have the  – Freedom to Choose – in this country the United States of America. I can honestly tell you that I have loved ones and friends who have Apple products and I do not love or care about them any less.  I am a blogger and this was a good blogger topic !