City of Austin, Texas Money Incentives

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A business decides to open up or relocate to a different city. What is the determining factor to move to city X ? Is it the weather, the location or is it the money incentives that the city is giving away ?

You know in the everyday life it is very easy to stay focused on what I call “the good child” which is the child that is always respectful, has such a joyful attitude and seems to be well quite frankly, just a blessing to the entire family. However, unless this is an only child then “the good child” is liable and was just opened up for retaliation from the other family members. That was just an analogy, an example to help you my readers understand better the importance of making sure that the money incentives a city gives to a company are distributed fairly among all types of company owners. Imagine what could be said if the business owners were all Chinese or Russian or Moslem that received money incentives from the City of Austin Texas.

It is possible to keep a fair system of money incentives from the City of Austin Texas or whatever city. To ensure the equality for ALL business owners to get money incentives from the city is not a difficult thing to do. Despite this everyday busy life that we lead that can easily have us overlook the habit we get into of just giving the city money incentives to another Chinese, Russian or Moslem. Let’s look at how the distribution of city money can be kept evenly distributed using this simple Three Step Process:

  •  ONE, look at the list of businesses that have gotten business money incentives and separate in little bundles. To distinguish how many Mexican business owned ? How many Jewish business owned ? How many Moslem ? How many African American ? etc
  • TWO, go out to the locations of those businesses (for example Datappointment in Austin, Texas located at 12708 Riata Vista Circle that is Jewish owned by Annette Wright and received money incentives from the City of Austin Texas because opened up a Los Angeles California company in Austin, Texas). Check if this is a real business as described in the application to receive money incentives from the City of Austin Texas or are they playing i-spy for the business owner and did the business keep up their end of the bargain to hire _ employees as described in the incentives agreement received from the City of Austin Texas.
  • THREE, do we really need another telemarketing business to get incentives (for example datappointment telemarketing where the bill doctor is for _ hours worked on the patient calls but employee actually only physically worked 15 hours therefore FRAUD for extra hours billed the doctor ….. AND …. Would that business incentive money been put to better use giving it to a famous known Jewish Bakery – Canters – from Los Angeles to open bakery here and make everyone happy (we have 0 jewish bakeries and 0 Jewish restaurants in Austin Texas).