United States Communicating With ALL Countries

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You are a single mother with 10 children a variety of boys and girls. All 10 children compete for your love and attention along with wanting to be your favorite. How in the world do you balance loving ALL 10 kids the same without any of them feeling neglected or unloved. What some in 2015 might say, – How do you love all 10 kids the same without discriminating . –  The key words are – do not discriminate – because in 2015 everyone is either reaching for the phone or ready to send out an email or text. Seems that more and more cries of DISCRIMINATION are being made every day.

I will be using an analogy, which is a similar example of the same situation. An Analogy, the similar example is used sometimes to help the reader, readers better understand the situation.  The analogy of Mother with 10 kids is the same as President of the United States with several countries to communicate with.  Like the mother of 10 who has to ensure ALL her children are treated the same .. well we too have to make sure that we treat every country with the same respect and access to communicate with us.

The President of the United States regardless if he is a Democrat or a Republican has a duty to communicate with ALL countries. Like the single mother with 10 children who probably has her favorite but tries not to show it, then we too as a country have to ensure that we communicate with all countries to ensure that the United States is all that it can be.

The analogy of the single mother with 10 children seems simple enough however it is much harder to accomplish that we care to think about. For many years Israel has been considered the quote “only ally” in the Middle East.  Well then if that is true that tell us that we have been discriminating and perhaps not trying as hard to communicate and get along with the other countries in the Middle East. I can hear the justifications being made about “why” Israel is the only ally of the United States in the Middle East. But like the single mother who probably loves her straight A student son the most because he not only makes excellent grades in school but he is also respectful, willing and ready to help sweep or mop the home, put the groceries away ….. well mother of 10 has to also love the kid that is barely passing school and keeps talking back along with refuses to comb his hair.

Mother of 10 needs to be able to say “behave and accept mother has to love all her children the same.”  Therefore in an attempt to look clean and respectable the throwing of chocolate milk on the sibling that is barely passing school just to maintain the favorite status of oneself is not acceptable.  Which translates to the blaming or making a country barely communicating with just to maintain the favorite status of self country is not acceptable.

I think what makes it difficult is that this favoritism has been going on for so long. Now when the President of the United States, President Obama says we need to communicate with Iran, we need to communicate with Syria …. well all we hear are cries about “oh he is Moslem or he hates Jews or he is anti-semitic” when actually as the President of the United States of America he has to ensure that the United States of America communicates with ALL countries.

Life sometimes seems easier said than done. Put yourself in the shoes of the mother of 10. You have 10 kids and one day you wake up and realize that the kid you ousted, the kid that needed your love just like all the others has become a delinquent because of your discrimination !


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