Good Friday

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You have one child, only one son and he is made fun of, tortured and then killed by nailing him on a cross. Your one and only child is not killed because of what he did but so that the sins of people unknown would have their sins forgiven. How many would do that ? How many would be willing to have their son killed so that your sins and my sins would be forgiven ? Look around without the rose colored glasses at people today was it worth it ?

According to the Catholic, Christian religion on the Friday before Easter Sunday is known as Good Friday. Good Friday is when Jesus Christ was not only killed but tortured and then crucified on a cross with nails hammered into his hands, so that the sins of every Catholic, Christian man, woman and child would be forgiven. Jesus Christ died so that the sins of every Catholic, Christian man woman and child would be forgiven and I ask you was it worth it ?

When we take off our rose colored glasses and see what this world has become, what some of us have become we have to ask ourselves “why”. People without thinking say “happy good Friday” that leaves you thinking “really you think this is a day to be happy about such a thing?”

Good Friday is a day to reflect on our life and see what we have become and then think about what changes we can make for the better. If one person unknown to us was willing to be tortured and died so that our sins could be forgiven then the least we can do is THINK how can I make my life more rewarding not only for myself but for my community.

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