Reverse Discrimination

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What is it .. Reverse Discrimination .. are two words that few people use in their vocabulary because they just seem so awkward.  Awkward is defined as causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with. Hum that sounds exactly like what reverse discrimination is because it does cause difficulty and it is hard to deal […]


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I know that we have all heard it before and sometimes even said it ourselves, “there is a right way and a wrong way to come to the United States.” However one thing that we have not heard is that when people are willing to jeopardize their safety and die in route to a better […]


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I took a Psychology class at Austin Community college and decided to share my paper that I wrote with you. The topic for this week’s reading response is spanking. The spanking reading reminds me of all the cases of bullying that have increased in the United States. I had not associated spanking with bullying until […]