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I know that we have all heard it before and sometimes even said it ourselves, “there is a right way and a wrong way to come to the United States.” However one thing that we have not heard is that when people are willing to jeopardize their safety and die in route to a better life, then it’s time we listen. It’s difficult to imagine what life can be like in a different country. We complain and gripe that life is tough here.  What about life in a different country? If we sometimes think we have it tough, how do people in a different country have it?

Illegal immigrants have been adding to the population in the United States for many years. They have to eat and shop therefore it is fair to say that they have also been adding to our economy. A myth is that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs that American can have, however illegal immigrants are not stealing jobs from anyone. Another myth is that illegal immigrants are robbing Americans of Food Stamps and Welfare, but how can they get Food Stamps and Welfare if they have no social security number.

Then we hear ridicule that the quote “wetbacks” have a better life than Americans AND THAT COMMENT comes from people unwilling to do anything with their life but complain, criticize, and growl as they collect their monthly checks and Food Stamps. So are they angry at themselves for being lazy and not doing anything with their life or are they angry at people willing to be humiliated, criticized and kept their mouth shut so they can stay in a job and get ahead.

It’s a shame that we have become a civilization where SOME people are paranoid of immigrants because they fear immigrants are taking something from them; an American deadbeat who refuses to do anything for themselves UNTIL they see a scapegoat an illegal immigrant to blame for their troubles and obstacles of becoming the next Donald Trump.

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick made a very logical and realistic comment one day on tv, he said “the illegal immigrant allowed into college is taking up a seat of a person who can legally get a job after graduation because the illegal immigrant has no social security number that is required to work.”  That comment made me realize that’s why the job applications have “Do You Require Sponsorship ? ” .. That is a valid Dan Patrick smart logical realistic comment but what if the company wants to sponsor an illegal immigrant and get them their citizenship.  The United States is a country where if an individual aspires to do better, then get ready for obstacles and challenges and begin the journey to a better life.