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I took a Psychology class at Austin Community college and decided to share my paper that I wrote with you. The topic for this week’s reading response is spanking. The spanking reading reminds me of all the cases of bullying that have increased in the United States. I had not associated spanking with bullying until reading chapter 10 and was surprised to read that spanking can actually contribute to kids being bullies. Therefore, I decided to dive right into this topic.

While parents and caretakers look for the quick remedy to a child’s misbehavior the future consequences are not thought about. I don’t think people realize that they are giving the child long term problems and also giving the community problems. There is not one person that can say that spanking a child does not stop the immediate misbehavior. The child learns that when he/she acts bad or misbehaves then he/she gets spanked. We are setting up kids to say in a negative way that if you do bad behavior, you receive a punishment, you receive bad behavior because of bad behavior instead of made to understand that the behavior was unacceptable and why the behavior was unacceptable. We are saying that negative gives you negative, but what if kids become bullies because they never broke out of the chain cycle of bad behavior equals spanking. Therefore were left hanging with that theory and went into teenage then adulthood waiting on a spanking to confirm that their behavior was bad.

Bullies have peer groups that cheer them on and think what they do is cute. The bully’s bad behavior is reinforced and since there is no spanking, what is a youth left to do but think that perhaps the behavior is acceptable and not bad. After all if the bully’s behavior was bad the bully would have been spanked. Do we program children to expect something negative like a spanking that will bring a quick relief and temporarily stop bad behavior?

Per the textbook, The Developing Person by Kathleen Stassen Berger page 281, kids that are spanked are “less likely to advance cognitively. “ Therefore bullies are not able to realize that their behavior is bad. We have all heard adults ask a bully after their actions “what were you thinking?’ The answer is that they were not thinking because they did not finish developing cognitively when they were spanked to solve the immediate inappropriate behavior instead of talked to about their inappropriate behavior.

Parents and caretakers often think that a little spanking will not hurt. Many adults have said that spanking is ok because that’s what a kids behind was made for. Going on the theory that a kids behind was made for spanking then a child’s brain was made to develop cognitively and that spanking “quick fix” is going to stop cognitive development in a child which is going to bring more headaches and problems later on that a spanking is not going to be able to fix.

Please understand that I am not justifying the behaviors of bullies. To solve the problem of bullies that have led some bully victims to commit suicide we have to understand what the heck is going on in that brain of the bully. What is going on in that brain that because of spanking the brain stopped developing, just when the most important thing was going to be learned ….. understanding.

In conclusion, spanking is a quick fix to a busy parent or a busy caretaker. The fact that spanking seems to work is why most adults will not easily stop spanking their kids. These words are familiar to many people, “you better stop or I’m going to spank you,” and “get over here or I’m going to spank you.” Words that are repeated generation after generation in just about every income level and household. Of course who could forget those words heard in a grocery store or at a social event when an adult does not want to be embarrassed and whispers “do you want me to spank you?” .. I’d like to see some kid answer that with “yes I want you to spank me right here on my behind and stop my cognitive development.”