Introducing The American Indians

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The crowds increased in number and anger levels shouting “we count too” from the African Americans. Then the Mexican Americans yelled “we want citizenship for illegal immigrants.” Between the two different groups the police did not know what to do EXCEPT be prepared.


In a world where much anger and fighting between Hispanics and African Americans exist in 2015 it is refreshing to see American Indian décor and/or American Indians. The psychological introduction of American Indians brings even to the most stubborn the reality that not only you have seen troubles but others have seen/experienced much worse. The introduction of American Indians is refreshing because it changes the atmosphere.


Martin Luther King walked the streets and worked long hours to ensure that African Americans would be treated equally. Yet in 2015 still discrimination exist against African Americans. Cesear Chavez worked the fields and walked the streets to ensure that Mexican Americans would see and experience equality. Yet in 2015 people are upset because undocumented workers are not given instant USA citizenship.


What is the solution to constant fighting between the races where people are alarmed that riots will break out if Jane Smith has an African American boyfriend / lover ? What is the solution when people refused to accept that there is a right way and there is a wrong way to come into the USA despite terrible conditions in the homeland ? The answer is simple we handle all threats and possible incidents by calling the police and letting them handle the situation before the situations escalate. We learn to say I know you have had it bad, I know that you have been mistreated however violence is never the answer and I will call the police.


Life is not always easy and in life to survive not only the days of racial fighting but to maintain one’s sanity in my opinion. I must say however that despite being MY opinion that parents would probably disagree with me, however I ask “Do you want your kid alive and sane?”  As I was saying, in life it is important  to remember three things:

  1. Learn to say “ fuck you ”
  2. Learn to say “ Life Goes On”
  3. Learn to accept that being perfect is not required to believe in God, to Pray and/or to go to church.


In conclusion, the Introduction To American Indians reminds people that we are the American Indians who have endured having our land taken away because we were considered being uncivilized and stupid.  The white man started scalping first yet because the American Indians looked less civilized it was the American Indians who were accused of being the people that scalp. We have been made to walk miles in the Trail of Tears and given blankets full of flees to keep us warm. And we have been compensated not only by the Government but by the White Man who took our land, mistreated us and thought we were stupid.

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