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When Management Sticks Together

The Devil Wears Prada was one of the best movies ever because we were all able to associate with the movie. At one of our jobs in our life we have all had the “boss from hell” that we wish would go back home. AND just to be fair I have to say that at some time in our life we too have been the “boss from hell” whether it’s with the baby sitter, the lawn care people, or the elections workers.

But it’s AFTER the situation occurs that determines how the wheels will go not only for the boss from hell but for the entire company.

As a boss we accept that we will be out in the battle field with subordinates. Therefore getting paranoid and seeing oneself in a dessert alone calling for MANAGEMENT UNITY only makes the situation worse. It’s sometimes difficult for someone to accept that a short term fix of feel safe from management unity .. actually brings more long term problems not only for the “boss” but for the entire company.

There are lots of side effects from Management Unity to get a temporary – feel safe- and valued as a “boss”.

  •  Employee Moral will go down at the workplace
  •  Employees that would have voiced opinion will decide to get results other ways
  • Message will be sent out that management sticks together so why bother to voice opinion.
  •  Company stocks and respect will go down

When a “boss” is left to fend for herself or himself and there is no management unity not only does the management grow intellectually but the employee grows as well. Emphasis has just been placed on the value of the boss and the employee .. BOTH ..