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Habits .. Biosocial Development

In 2013, I took a college class and we were assigned to write a paper on a choice of topics. I want to share with you a paper that I wrote. The “habits” section was a topic that I decided to write about because the best person to start with on a topic is “me.”

Habits are difficult to break especially when having become accustomed. Not have to worry about exercising or put exercising into a daily or weekly schedule is ideal. It’s ideal not for my health but it is ideal for my lack of attention to the importance of exercise plus fits right into the “oh I’ll be alright, after all am I really gaining weight or have I started putting the clothes in the dryer too long. After all the shorts are from Walmart and we all hear stories that Walmart clothes tend to shrink in the clothes dryer.”

Unfortunately, I had answers for just about anything that would give me a hint that it was time to exercise. The weight scale also brought quick answers for denial. I can’t decide if my best answer was that the scale was from Target store and only cost $9.99 therefore how can a scale that cost only $9.99 be correct. The other good answer and probably the funniest is that the scale was incorrect because my body is “lots of muscle.” A theory that I found incorrect yet sounded good and made me feel good to justify my weight.

Reading the pages on “habits” made me realize that I had made an excellent choice in deciding to join the gym. I am on a very tight budget with limited income and sometimes found saying to myself “how can I afford to go to a gym” usually put off any plans to join. However one day a lady talking to a group of people said “take this time to do something with yourself, join an exercise class or take a class.”

I accepted that I could be a better person, I accepted that I had gained weight and called 24 Hour Fitness. To my amazement I was received with much care. The employee told me that a special would be coming up that would only cost $24.99 a month. When the special went into effect I joined 24 Hour Fitness. I enjoy exercising because it is not only good for me physically but emotionally as well. Exercising gets the body in shape but also helps relieve anger and frustration.

The exercises equipment has become very modern. One of my favorite things to do when I exercise is to see how many calories I burn or how my heart rate is affected on the exercise bike, treadmill or stair stepper. When I see these numbers it’s self-rewarding to acknowledge that I am taking steps to improve my health. I am doing something about my situation of being overweight. I am taking control of the situation instead of ignoring the situation.

I read in the habits section that there are various reasons for weight gain. Weight gain can be as many of us have always blamed genetic or having too much body fat by a certain age that the body becomes accustomed to that body fat number. We cannot change the past but we can deal with and change the future. I think that one of the hardest things for people to accept is “I am responsible for me and my outcomes.”  The denial has led to obesity in the United States to the point where 66% percent of the population is overweight. That’s more than half of the people in the United States and a big percentage of people living in denial that something is wrong in their lifestyle. When people decide to accept the future that if continue lifestyle in current course, then will be contributing to own bad health and being overweight.

Denial is another way of saying “I do not want to be the best that I can be, I don’t care.” If a person throws themselves in the middle of the street on the floor and says “I don’t care, if cars come and run over me.” The standard reaction would be to pull the person off the street to avoid a car running over them. The same is being done with obesity with people showing they care by pulling candy out the vending machines and putting in healthier snacks.  Also focus has recently been put on proper eating habits with the new designed Food Pyramid by Michelle Obama and her staff.  People are showing that they care not only about themselves but about you and me.

We don’t realize that destructive behavior can eventually kill a person. Overeating and being overweight are considered self-destructive behaviors. To hear that over eating is self-destructive behavior is taking lightly. However when we see the numbers that 66% of the United States is overweight we have to analyze and come up with a solution to if nothing else quietly accept the truth. Self-destructive behavior has various reasons for existing.  For example a person might think subconsciously or consciously “wow I was rude today for no reason therefore I will punish myself my eating a big mac, jumbo fries and large shake.”  If this type of behavior continues eventually self-destructive behavior will take over a person’s life and the reality of consequences for self-destructive behavior ignored.