Only One

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Have you ever heard the saying “too many Indian chiefs and not enough indians.” Well that does not necessarily apply to an Indian tribal reservation because it can apply to everyday life in the everyday situation. What exactly does that mean “too many Indian Chiefs and not enough Indians ?


Total confusion in plain everyday terms is one situation, one incident going in various selected directions. Total chaos per Webster dictionary is  “ a condition or place of great disorder or confusion, a disorderly mass, a jumble.” Situations seldom get accomplished successfully because of the various directions going in, then when told differently the direction is changed and not enough time. An analogy, (example) is when you are driving for the first time to Boston Massachutes from Los Angeles California. It starts out as an exciting road trip where beautiful sites will be seen and perhaps pictures taken. Then you have the passenger saying “no take a left turn per the road map,”  so you think no problem we have a full tank of gas. Then you realize it’s not the right road so start discussing with the passenger if they saw the map correctly. All of a sudden Bob yells from the back seat “I am on mapquest and we took a left turn when we needed to take a right turn.” You, being the driver say “no problem we’ll just go back.” Then Jan the passenger bullshiter says “oh yes I see that on the map now and you can actually take a right upahead to avoid a no gas zone” so you take a right. Two hours later and on an empty gas tank you realize that you are in a deserted area, having accomplished nothing and gotten nowhere because you the driver, the chief of the car tribe did not have the balls to get the directions before you started but decided to listed to two jackasses who wanted to be chiefs also.


The workplace employees at 5:00 pm walk out the door with a look of such happiness and excitement. You realize that such happiness and excitement is not displayed all day not even on payday but only when they walk out the door at 5:00 pm after finishing a day at the office. You look, then one day walk up to an employee asking “why so happy at 5:00 pm ?” The answer almost makes you pee in your pants when you hear “because they all so busy fighting with each other, trying to be the Indian chief, then the employees start playing Indian chief. People forgot that there is only one Indian chief (boss) at the job as they walk the Trial of Tears to the unemployment line and food stamp office because the business closed due to lack of success.


In conclusion, we read about the effects of confusion with too many Indian Chiefs and not enough Indians on a situation; we have seen the effects of confusion on the people and the benefits of acknowledging only one Indian Chief. In plain simple English language because there is no other way for us to make sure it will be understood than to use plain simple language. Therefore, in plain English “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” indicates that you need to get the fuck out the way and acknowledge there is ONLY ONE .. Indian Chief (boss) in this tribe, in this workplace, in this situation, etc because if you don’t then you will feel the warmth of my foot heel shoved up your anus. Yes Sir, Yes Mam that is life in the adult real world when folks are trying to get something accomplished successfully and not fail 🙂  Remember to ensure success, we must acknowledge and accept plus respect the fact that their is ONLY one Indian Chief ( boss ).