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Goodbye Self Man Forward

It happens in ALL social levels and in all nationalities. Just ask Michelle Obama who was a Permanent Employee at the Law Firm.  Here comes this Temporary Employee Barack Obama and spots a career advancing woman, takes her on a date to the movie theater then BAM decision made of man forward woman supports.  Walking out the movie theater Barack Obama and Michelle see her law office boss who tells Michelle, you take care of this man because he’s a keeper.  Right a temporary employee who gave the right answer to ONE question goes full speed forward with the permanent employee woman supporting him.  Barack Obama seals the future when he takes Michelle to get some African Voodoo what I call voodood with some African women dancing around her (probably chanting you love Barack you love Barack 🙂 as shown in the movie trailer link).  Here is the movie theater scene link   Here is the movie trailer link  In 2016 women all over the world are protesting and fighting for equality. Women want to be paid just as much as men. Women want the same positions of leadership as men. It all sounds like we are protesting to an invisible force that is keeping us women behind the status of a man.  The big secret is that we, our own selves is what is keeping us behind. We are the invisible force that we have to overcome to push forward.


When my grandmother was growing up her primary role was to stand by her man and make him a stronger head of household, make him a stronger man.  When my mother was married her primary role was to support her man.  Today in 2016 it’s not much different because yes I can have a career but Nancy please make sure to look presentable and be an awesome hostess to the man’s boss and investors.  Oh, Nancy you make such delicious enchiladas why not treat the boss to a delicious home cooked meal because he travels so much and does not get much home cooking.  Hundreds of years later and it’s just a bit more subtle yet basically the same thing of – man forward woman support-.  f this was really the age of equality then what keeps me or any other woman from telling her man “honey you make a delicious brisket why not treat the boss.”


The 2016 Presidential elections brought out all my suppressed rage and anger that we women really have not moved forward one bit.  The absolute perfect presidential candidate for president was and still is Michelle Obama. Michelle met Barack in college and it was Michelle that was serious in college because Barack Obama was a slacker, a total goof off and good time party guy.  Michelle has a law degree, Michelle is smart, Michelle is well respected by all nationalities of the community and quite frankly if you ask me it was Michelle that was destined to be the President of the United States of America.  Yet who became President of the USA ?  Barack Obama the college slacker that was held up and supported and made stronger by Michelle.  The female Michelle Obama put her desires and her career aside to straighten out, educate on the seriousness of life and give a career to the life of her slacker husband.  Don’t get me wrong, I love President Barack Obama but he is and he was a slacker, a good time party guy. Who if you ask me will probably after getting out of office one day divorce Michelle Obama.


In conclusion, what are we to do with all this woman talent that year after year gets buried and suppressed.  I think we can still nominate Michelle Obama for President at the Democratic Convention.  However, today after having earned a college degree and being one of the best lawyers, you ask Michelle Obama about running for President and what is the answer ?  I’ll tell you what the answer is and that is  “oh I have no interest in political office, I’m going to raise my girls and spend time at home” ……  gee those were words of my mother and grandmother said.  Remember my mother and grandmother well Michelle Obama did the same thing of stood by her man to support him and make him stronger.  The keywords are “man stronger and woman in the same place in the kitchen raising the kids”  yet we continue to protest to the invisible force um and that is us.