It Is Ok To Say No

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The 2016 United States of America Presidential Campaign has brought us to think about many important issues that we would rather not talk about. Despite the topics of Immigration Reform being around for many years, I have to admit that I am like many people, and I also am one of the individuals who would rather not discuss the topic. I use the excuse and sometimes lie of  “um I’m really busy” “oh wow I did not see that news piece or tv news show”.


What is the reason that people would prefer to seem aloof or not in tune instead of discussing the topic of illegal immigrants in the USA ? The answer is simple, because if I say no then I will seem like a monster, a bad person. Despite the fact that we can barely afford to feed our own people in the United States, despite the fact that we the United States of America is in Super Debt despite the hard cold facts ….. many people would prefer to remain silent and not say no.


Presidential Candidate 2016 Donald Trump had the courage to make us face reality despite the attack that he might get from reporters, tv media people, etc. The video link is attached   .. In the video Donald Trump says quote “ the U.S. has become the dumping ground for everybody elses problems.”  Reality sometimes stinks and yuck I would rather prefer to eat another donut or cupcake then face the reality that  “hey the jeans are fitting a bit snug”.  Reality can make us laugh, can make us frown, reality can make us cry, and reality can make us offensive.  However the most important thing about reality is that it can make us realize that change is needed.


In conclusion, In The Real World the ways that were acceptable to come into the USA from Mexico in 1900 (when my grandma came) today in 2015 are no longer acceptable.  We cannot afford new mouths to feed when we can barely feed our own.  We don’t even know if there will be social security money benefits for us after long years of putting up with all types of crap at a job to one day retire.