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We Let Men Be Dogs

Once upon a time, their was a female named Emily and she was sweet, kind and had an awesome personality. However, Emily made the mistake of THINKING that Michael loved her. Sometimes, a woman works close to someone who is nice and BAM woman thinks man loves her and it’s real love. Different female comes around then the JEOLOUSY and INSECURITIES start to rise. Does this sound like someone you know ? What is the answer to solving the problem of what I call wishful thinking love.


The first thing that a person has to do is Keep Things In Perspective. Oh sure, everyone wants a mate, everyone wants someone to spend Friday or Saturday night with. However, wishful thinking and letting the mind wander off into an imaginary love relationship will only come back and bite you. Sometimes, the lonely heart will misinterpret an act of kindness as an act of potential romantic interest. I have a habit of being nice and liking to make people smile or laugh. Whenever I sense that the other person might misinterpret my behavior … I will act silly, I will act humorous or I will joke around to make sure the point is made that I am being nice and kind hearted ……. and not making a romantic interest call.


An awkward situation is when an innocent bystander is the target of a jealous female because female sees the newbie as trespassing upon her property, her man. The first inclination is to defend one’s territory when female sees a trespasser upon their property. How women defend their territory varies per individual. One thing is for sure once a female feels that she or her territory are threatened and in danger …… it is an all out FANGS OUT and ready to bite.


Hold on females, I’m not saying that the blame is the fault of the female. Actually it is the opposite because do you remember reading one paragraph above where I mentioned what I do when person starts to misinterpret an act of kindness for a love interest. I make sure that I CLARIFY to make clear that my behavior is an act of kindness which is exactly what a man should do. That’s why I say that the blame does not belong 100% to the woman. A man has to own up and realize when a woman is starting to misinterpret kindness for love interest.


In conclusion, let me just remind you about real life situations we don’t think twice about.  When you walk into a grocery store and they are sampling a delicious Chocolate cake do you take the sample or say “no thank you.”  When you walk into a location and they are sampling some yummy white wine or red wine, do you take the sample or say “no thank you”.  When a woman flashes her breast or I have heard stories of bending over and showing the Grand Canyon does a man take the sample or say “no thank you.”  See that is the whole point samples are taken but how many say ” I have sampled this and I’ll just buy take this”   Men take samples then turn around and want a new car or a car with few mileage.  Regardless if we want to admit or live in denial most men regardless of being happy in a relationship ……. Men Can Be Dogs In The Love World.