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The Joys Of Having A Business

You wake up one day and Realize that your company has been taken over by thugs and now you are at their mercy.  How does a company get taken over then Manipulated and Controlled by people that you would rather not even think about?  Afterall, taking over a company and/or business is something that we read about that happens in some different country not in the USA.  We read how Syria not the USA had their entire country taken over by thugs who pretended to be good Samaritans and helped the people,  then before anyone knew they were running the country.


The answer to the question  “how did our business, how did our company get taken over ?”  The the answer is simple and that is the company did not have the balls to run their own company.  While the company thought they were using someone, well actually they were the ones being used.  Like the ‘trojan horse” that quietly sneaks in and then takes over .. the people that now Manipulate Control slowly sneaked in and then grew in numbers.


What makes these “trojan horse warriors” people that Manipulate and Control a company grow and so popular ?  Well, that is actually a mixture of actuality mixed with imagination to entice and lure.  What makes these numbers grow and popular are words and phrases of :


  • “discrimination”
  • “they hate us African Americans”
  • “they only do for the rich”
  • ” they are using us”
  • ” did you hear what they did to __”
  • ” if you help us then we will help you move up in the company “


So, which one of these words and phrases is true if any ?  That is the first question that we will need to ask ourselves as a Company and/or business person. Because  if just one of the above is true then  you can bet your bottom dollar that … the one word or phrase that is true,  will be used to make a small hole that turns to a larger hole that turns into a takeover manipulating, controlling YOUR company and/or business for the “trojan horse warriors”  own personal benefits.


What is a Company and/or Business to do ?  Should the company and/or business remain at the mercy of the  “trojan horse warriors that have gained Control and Manipulation of their company and/or business ?  Well the answer is quite complex and that is that it all depends on the company.  Some companies and/or businesses might say well  “I don’t see anything because I choose to ignore the facts” while other companies and/or businesses might decide to take on the  “trojan horse warriors”.   Regardless if you choose to ignore the “the trojan horse warriors or take them on, either way you, the Company and/or Business is facing a challenge.  One thing is for sure, you are going to have to get ready for a power struggle, a fight because some have reached Supervisor and Manager positions.  Plus, going to have to get ready to handle threats, blackmail and possible destruction of property.  Oh My Gosh, but why?  Because Lady and Mister,  you are not dealing with the Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts!