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Social Media Numbers And Our Ego

There was a time when having a PUBLIC twitter, facebook and instagram was ok. Being able to connect and communicate with people all over the world was awesome. Checking to see how many “likes” a picture brought on instragram was one of the coolist things. However, times have changed, bringing about people changing and attitudes changing.  Let me make it clear, I am not saying that you have to be more selective on who you accept into your social media accounts …. What I am saying is that social media accounts are best kept private. I have private social media accounts YET  I accept everyone’s request.


In 2017 having a PUBLIC twitter, facebook or instagram with family, boyfriend girlfriend pictures with your life what is going on ..  is not a good idea. You never know who has anger or hate and passing by looking at your account.  WITHOUT  having a social media account ANYONE can just key in your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram URL and presto start looking at your post etc. Twitter is worse because you have people that read your twitter tweets yet you just aren’t sure who read what or how it was interpreted. People that are your twitter followers are familiar with your style of tweeting, your sense of humor, your sarcasm etc. Let me give you an analogy, having a public twitter account is like yelling on a street corner and you never know who is listening or passing by that saw and heard you.  So, let me ask you “would you yell on a street corner so that EVERYONE passing by could see and hear you ? If no, then why have a public twitter account.


Lots of people put pictures on Instagram then check to see how many “likes” the picture will bring. It’s kind of an ego thing because the more “likes” an instragram picture has the more our ego grows. If you are thinking “that’s not true”. Oh sure it is, regardless if you want to admit or deny. We put a picture then get enthusiastic when the picture brings hundreds of “likes”.  A picture on Instagram can bring about 200 likes yet you only have 150 followers. That tells us that people are passing by and clicking “like”. You are probably thinking “oh that’s ok as long as they like my picture” ……. BAM that’s what I was saying, it’s an ego thing of how many likes can I get for this picture.


Facebook lets us share moments and memories with people that we care about. Once again I say to you, would you get on a street corner and yell out your life ? Would you get on a street corner and yell out ” Look my kid won the spelling bee.”  I like to share my moments and memories with people that are my facebook friends. Being a blogger, writer I have lots of people that I do not know personally but am happy to carefully share my moments and memories with. AND then despite having a controlled audience I still post only things


Having a Private Social Media Account makes your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more intimate, more interactive, more exclusive. You are not yelling out on the street corner to all to see you or hear you … You are actually communicating and sharing with your followers.


In Conclusion, social media and having social media accounts is not bad because we are enabled to communicate with people all over the world. Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with what is going on all over the world and learn new things.  MANY  PEOPLE use Public social media accounts for their benefit.  Some examples are that Public social media accounts help in sales, to do research, to get tips or input, to send out messages, etc.  Being On Social Media Is Not Bad Or The Problem … It’s Being On Social Media With Public Accounts revealing Personal information about kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, your job, your house, your vacation, etc etc.