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Republican Foundation of Lincoln and Reagan

The 2016 Presidential election in the United States of America has got to be one of the toughest! Why does this presidential election have so much impact? What makes this decision so different from other presidential elections ? Well, lets discuss this.


I live in Texas a state that has been both a blue state and a red state since Papa George Bush. I am fortunate to have people that I care about on the Democratic political party and on the Republican political party. Therefore, I love both democrats and republicans. It was Republicans that gave me my little political career start as a delegate in San Antonio, Texas then as elections judge. It was Democrats who kept my little political career alive and when we were kids made sure my single mom always had food on our table.


In all my life I have never stressed out as much on who my decision of yes would go to.   I say that because other Presidential elections it might be “oh well I’ll vote for this candidate”.  Once in a while I’d get the “hum found this out so think I’ll vote for the other candidate.” I believe in voting for the person and not the political party. However, in 2016 this was going to be a toughie when it came down to the last two candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I appreciate and admire that Hillary Clinton is smart and such a good role model that says  “shit happens but guess what I still love my husband and here I am because that is what marriage is all about.”  I appreciate and admire that Donald Trump is smart and first admired him years ago as a role model who would show care towards his hotel housekeepers, bell boys etc always asking “how are you?”


All during the elections and the candidates speaking on the tv ads they both sounded convincing and capable of doing the temporary Presidential job of 4 years maybe 8 years. However, only one would be able to win the Presidential election.  My ultimately first choice was Bernie Sanders, I love man and both admire respect his capabilities for this country, the USA.  After Bernie Sanders was out I said,  “ok I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton”  then did research and said “no, I’ll vote for Donald Trump.”  Till finally I was just stumbled. When I found out Donald Trump would be in Austin, Texas well immediately I signed up and got my tickets. But then I thought well that is not giving both candidates a chance to be heard so I did not go see Donald Trump.


I love the way Donald Trump keeps the interaction alive with his audience to keep the potential voters interested and awed. For example, I love Oreo cookies and did one of my college papers on Oreo cookies who with their song basically believes and promotes recycle, reaching out to people.   I did not know that the Oreo cookies company was moving to Mexico till I heard Donald Trump speak one day on tv. You see that is what I am talking about he, Donald Trump keeps  the interaction alive with his audience and told us something we did not know. I love him, he is amazing !


However, the deciding factor on who I would giving a nod of yes .. was something I needed to think about.  In the end, I went back to the beginning  since my little political career had been given to me by Republicans whom I love. I did research and thought ok ….

  • Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves
  • Republican Ronald Reagan said in West Berlin Germany, “tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev.”


The question is  WHO  can carry on the Republican foundation of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to help the people, the country and the world ? At this point it is not what political party but what person can best carry on the Republican Foundation.  We vote for a candidate because it is them, that person, not their V.P. Vice President or their kids because WE WANT that person to be our Head of State.  In recent days the health of Hillary Clinton is in question. In The Real World, in politics pumping someone up or shooting someone up so they can BE THE FACE to win the race …. is sad but true. Then they get to play President of the USA and the person put trust and faith in sick in bed with rare appearances.


Therefore, in conclusion and in summary let me remind you that the yes of one person such as myself is the yes of only one person. BECA– USE in the USA the person that is elected the President of the United States is the result of the Majority of the votes from the People (not just one vote or one yes).