When Too Much Is Enough

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I like many of you have had some jobs where I had to keep my mouth shut and do my job. Just about everyone has had to put up with a crappy job and if you have not well then you are fortunate. You work, you endure and don’t want to have the thought of,  at the end of the road ready to sit down only to be told “I’m sorry we don’t have enough Social Security money for you”.  That is enough to get anyone yelling, upset and I think that even the most passive person would be ready to pick up a baseball bat.  I like many of you am scared that I will be ready to retire and “Oops no money”.  I know, I know what the smarties say “that’s why you should start saving for retirement early.” Oh yea, well that’s why you should not be misappropriating our money and we need to start asking for itemized bills that list all transactions to be verified of money spent.


I have endured the moments when illegal immigrants killed the dog of my nephews because my brother was a minister close to the border. I have endured when I am told “sorry the job filled” only to see someone who barely speaks English tell me that. I have heard the stories where an illegal immigrant kills an innocent person. But you know what, I have also seen the days when an illegal immigrant made sure that my food was warm and tortillas hot. I have also seen the days when I had chest pains because my bra too tight and the illegal immigrant told me she would give me $ 10 off so that I could buy a larger bra. When I was growing up my mother would say “Nancy there is good and bad in every nationality and every religion”.


We have all seen movies and read in the history books about the “barbaric days”. People used to get in a ring and fight with each other and the ones that survived would be allowed to live. Villages would be attacked during the night so that the other team would win. Remember when women would be jailed and killed just because they wanted to vote. Various countries have killed their “undesirable people” so that they could have their desired population. This is 2016 and these are the days of human beings being able to resolve our problems without having to kill each other or beat each other.


I love Donald Trump and will always remember reading how he would tell everyone “good morning how are you”. From the bellman, doorman to his executives because he loved the people. Has that changed in 2016 if the bellman is an illegal immigrant does “good morning how are you change to shoot you down if you don’t swim back across the river illegal immigrant.” I was really happy when Donald Trump was assertive attacking problems and concerns that we have making us aware of all the problems that exist for example the border wall that starts off strong then goes to a barb wire fence then goes to no fence. I thought “wow this man has Buffalo Balls because he is willing to make us aware of all the things we are unaware of ”.


In summary,  today I have to think twice about Donald Trump because of recent protest. A protest where people are willing to jeopardize their lives to bring attention to say “I am a human being and I do not want to be mistreated or name called”.  That’s all the protestors are doing and they are saying “hey treat me like the human being that I am”.  Like I previously mentioned, Lord knows I like many of you have had some crappy jobs where had to put up with a lot and then concerned about NO social security for me.  Despite the words being of truth sometimes politicians have got to keep their mouth shut to avoid riots and avoid this country separating because the country is already separated enough.  We need to work together to find a solution to our problems without someone getting hurt.  The goal is to find solutions to our problems without escalating, raising the anger level that already exist.