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Workplace Professionalism

At first the behavior was unnoticed but after a while the behavior was obvious. The supervisor walked up and down the isle of the public workplace and continually gave the same persons an extra break. Strange yet standard practice that had gone unnoticed or addressed.


Have you ever been in a workplace where you see the ship sinking (workplace) and it is obvious who put the holes in the ship ? Being an invidivual in a workplace what is a person to do ? Should they put on their own life jacket and when the ship sinks just silently smile and walk away ? Most important what is the reason for such behavior and what can we CONTRIBUTE TO such behavior in the workplace ?


The answer is Workplace Professionalism. When people especially supervisors stop displaying Workplace Professionalism it’s a down hill road from their. Work reports can be faked, Good things which are actually lies and bullshit about the workplace can be told to superiors and visitors but the bottom line is that the ship is sinking and it’s because of Workplace Professionalism not practiced.


We all have to work and sometimes a job is a pleasant experience. The most important thing to remember is that regardless if we prefer people that eat cupcakes over people that eat pie, regarless if we like red heads over blue heads …. maintaining a professional workplace attitude makes the work day a lot easier.