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Pink Is For Girls Instilled At Childhood

I remember growing up and being told that “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”. Geez, I thought I love the color blue. The sky is blue and blue is a relaxing color. I am sure that probably I am not the only one that has been told that as a child growing up.


We are little girls, that grow up thinking ok well being a female is being soft. Being soft is not being aggressive. When we see an aggressive female our first reaction is “oh wow, she is loud.” But is she really being loud or is she just being ASSERTIVE. Women have always been behind men to vote, to get equal pay and in some instances get the same job. I attribute this to what I call “the little girl brain washing growing up.”


I think the most harmful in all this “pink is for girls” mentality is that our romantic relationships are affected the most. We think that if we ask for something better then we will be seen as a whore or a prostitute or aggressive. Is it incorrect to expect or say “honey we have been dating for one month and when are you taking me to dinner because these free concerts are cool but seriously!” If a woman today in 2016 tells a man that is financially fit that if he loves her he will buy her a car or a home. What do you think the chances of her being called a prostitute are ? I think 90% because typically woman do not ask those type of things. But why call her a prostitute ?  I see nothing wrong because we, as a women more than anyone else know our value, we know what we are attributing pitching in to this quote “relationship”.


IN LIFE as women we must remember that It is all about Me … how much do you care about me, the gifts that show how much I mean to you. Dang words are good and it’s always the cheap easy way out of “oh I love you babe.” Well, honey ACTIONS speak louder than words.  A standard male response is “well if that’s all you want me for, you must be a gold digger.”  My response, our response needs to be “no, I want you to show me how much I mean to you, I want you to show me how much you love me (in a non sexual way because this is another cheap way out).  I know of a man that claims he does not love his ex-wife and she says he used her to further his career. But guess what ? He owns about 10 homes in various countries and each of those homes he has given half to her. Despite whatever divorce settlement he might have reached with her. So, tell me that he does not love her because trust me those actions are speaking loud and clear ….. forget the words. New wife comes in and well so you loved her AND you still love her because here you are half of all your homes belong to her. Regardless how the action is justified with oh it’s for the kids (good psychology used to milk the cow) regardless of why ….. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.


IN LIFE as women we must remember

It is all about Me

how much do you care about me

the gifts that show

how much I mean to you

We must not be shy or timid to say

“so this is how much I mean to you,

this is how much you care about me”

?  ?  ? ? ️ ?  

house, car, fancy purse,  jewelry, boat etc anything affordable within financial economic status



Click on pink picture for American Indian Instrumental Love Song … I took this picture of a pink post it note with my mobile phone camera then used the phone edit features … Notice how the post it note has a border as if to signify “pink, a female remains in the confines of this square”