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Captain America And Higher Power Accountability

The Movie Captain America Civil War was not the number one movie in the USA, it was the number one movie ALL over the world. Why, you may be thinking And the answer is because it is a movie that verbally, silently in thought or yelled out loud with signs cheering on people all over “That’s Right Buddy”. The theme of the movie is about abiding by the rules and regulations, having a higher power to answer to in order to avoid something good done result in destructive behavior where innocent lives lost OR those left with loss will do the Divide and Conquer because of their loss


I have to confess that I am not a Captain America or Ironman fan, in fact I have never seen an Avengers, Captain America or Iranman movie before until Captain America Civil War. You may be thinking what enticed me, what invited me or what persuaded me to go see the movie. Well, honestly it was Friday and I had just had dinner then thought hum how about a movie and the only movie available in the time frame was Captain America Civil War, so I thought “well why not”.


To my surprise, I liked the movie and I actually went in with a bad attitude of “ugh a Captain America movie this is so lame”.  I saw the movie in 3D at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas and got to the theater room appointed for my movie then sat back to watch one of the best movies around. It’s easy to see why Captain America Civil War ranked number one in every country shown. People all over the world not only in the USA can relate to Captain America Civil War movie .. where people think they are doing something for the good but actually end up hurting more than helping.  


In Fact It Was NOT A  terrorist, it was NOT  A  enemy of the state, it was NOT  A  evil monster that definitely divided the team.  It Was an angry parent filled with the loss of their loved ones that Divided and almost Conquered Captain America, Ironman and the rest of the team.  The dialoge the verbage to get the point across to the audience was excellent and in one scene one of the characters said, “my kid saw Iron Man through his window fighting the bad person and thought it was cool, then buildings fell on houses and people and lives lost, people died”.  No accountability, no higher power to worry about answering to just the free and do as want attitude and behavior …. and so what about the consequences or who gets hurt that is an innocent bystander totally not involved just an innocent victim of the scenario.


Being free to do as one wants is so much easier that having to be accountable for one’s actions or be accountable to a higher power, a boss ouuu a boss (in this case in the movie the team had to answer to the United Nations and ask for permission to go be cape crusaders).   It’s much easier to just get up and go and do instead of having to get permission, having to get approval to get up and go and do.  Captain America probably like a lot of people in the Real World, had the attitude of  “well I know that what I am doing is for the good and fighting evil, fighting the bad guy therefore I do not need to answer to anyone.”   Trust me, I know we have all been teenagers where we thought well adult I am starting to question YOUR late response, your numbness, your lack of importance to the situation that is not approving of me and my Get Up And Go lifestyle. We can all relate and yet regardless if we want to admit or just smile and think “oh yea” it really made better sense to put a bicycle helmet on, to pay the bill before the late fee kicked in, etc etc.  The most important thing to remember is that regardless if we are super human or normal human we all need to be held accountable for our actions and innocent lives lost.  In actuality it is ok to be held accountable for or to have a higher power to have someone to answer to …… we are actually helping ourselves and making a better self because we learn to be precise more on target.