It’s Monday And I Hate You

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Ever see those people in the office or whatever workplace you are at and on Monday the hostility level, the unhappiness level is super high ? Most people on Monday’s walk around with “ugh it’s Monday please stay away from me, don’t talk to me, I hate you.” Does this sound familiar ?


The reason we are sooooo unhappy with Monday’s especially the Monday after a holiday, and yes Mother’s Day Sunday does count as a holiday. Well, anyway the reason we are so unhappy and disappointed on Monday is because we are comparing our present Monday environment …… with our Preferred and in control of environment from Saturday and Sunday. See because Saturday and Sunday we get to choose who we go around and where we go. However, Monday the location is a controlled environment and something chosen not by us.


It’s not the people from one environment are better than the other or that the environment location itself is better. It is that we are comparing the two different people and locations that is making our Monday’s ugh.


Therefore in order for our Monday’s to go a bit smoother with less disappointment we simply wipe our memory clean when we walk in on Monday to work. We look at all people and the environment in an “oh wow”. We simply remember that this Monday environment may not be an environment that we can be in control of …. but this is certainly an environment that we can Control how we react to.