Dear Donald Trump .. remember this

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Dear Donald Trump



Dear Donald Trump


I am sure that many articles, blog post etc have been written about you and your behavior.  However, due to recent behavior, well nothing has penetrated into your words or thoughts about people.  Therefore, let me take you back to the beginning.


Hundreds of years ago people fought in a war that started in 1775.   After fighting in a war, after seeing friends and loved ones die, after some solders were injured where some lost body parts …  the solders that were left alive on both sides  returned home.  The war finally ended in 1783 with the making of the United States of America.  Imagine people died, people were captured and tortured, some people lost their arm or their leg to fight for a Country that would ensure them Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, etc.  In 1788 the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted and after many tears and much blood we, the USA had the Bill of Rights.


The Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights were not administered because people needed something to do.  The Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights were written and administered to ensure that what people had fought for, what people had died for, what people had sacrificed blood and body part for would not be forgotten!


That is why in 2016 when you make comments about a “Mexican” Judge who is investigating you, when you make comments about “Moslems” and when you say “I have my African American here, where is my African American” as if he were a pet ….. well people get frustrated with you behavior.  I realize that you probably think you are the best fit for the job as President of the United States of America.  Your idea is great of not wanting companies in the USA to move and take jobs to foreign countries.  Your thoughts are great about making sure that we have better communications and co-operation from Russia and North Korea.  However,  I have to disagree that you would be the best person to be the next President of the United States of America  based on your past and present behavior along with your attitude towards people.  Before you say “what” or gasp or look shocked …. just think year 1775 people killed for a cause and year 2016 you are throwing away all their suffering, deaths and tears …….. We Move Forward Mr. Donald Trump, We Do Not Move Backward.



Nancy Morales