Pulse Gay Club Incident Turns Donald Trump Politics

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You work hard or maybe you don’t, you put up with a lot or maybe you don’t but one thing is for sure you go out with friends or loved ones to have a good time. Every person regardless of their sexual preference is entitled to have a good time. We may not agree with who likes who or who loves who but nothing can justify stalking and shooting people because of who they like or love.


In Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016 a man who claimed disagreed with the sexual lifestyle stalked and visited Pulse nightclub on various occasions then one day shot dead 50 people and injured 53. The man worked as a Security Guard for several years therefore had to the common person a respectable job. The public the common person did not know he had been investigated by the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation. On the night of the shooting the shooter praised and gave “shout outs” to various terrorist groups.

  • After the shooting, we later found out that this was not a one time nightclub visit where the shooter went wacko then shoots, this actually was premeditated where the shooter stalked, visited the night club on various occasions sitting at the bar.
  • After the shooting, we later found out that his wife gave him a ride to the night club. After the shooting, we later found out that the shooter gave a “shout out” to Isis who recruits and uses women to control, manipulate men.
  • Before the shooting we could have found out with night club cameras that a male goes to the club on various occasions and sits at the bar not dancing just looking. With someone doing this we are left with the question “was this a planned attack to kill one person or persons in particular who would sometimes go to Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida USA ?”


So, we go back to the scene where people, human beings are getting ready and deciding what they are going to wear for their fun evening out at the nightclub. When deciding what they were going to wear not one had to decide where they were going to put their gun if the situation required to defend themselves. Everyone person getting dressed was planning to return home after their fun night out at Pulse nightclub.


Gay people are human beings, Gay people are not easy targets. I am not a gun carry pro-person but I am a person that believes regardless of persons sexual preferences people are allowed to have a good time at a nightclub without being an easy target for someone who has let the HATE LEVEL escalate, rise up in their life. In the real world, everyone has something they disagree with or do not like yet if you let that continue to go up and up it will take over your life. An analogy is the movie, The Blob where this green mass would start off small evading a city then travel along and consume everything in it’s path then The Blob would be so big that it was difficult to kill. HATE can be that way and that is why every person has to be aware and honest with their own hate level BEFORE someone says “hey I can use that for my benefit and to fulfill my purpose.”


As previously stated I am not a gun carry person and I love President Obama when he says that getting more people to carry guns in a nightclub would only increase the number of gun violence situations. To an extent I have to agree, because if people are drinking and arguments start then someone might pull out their gun and start shooting. However what about in the situation when people are not bothering anyone and just having a good time then someone comes in various times to stalk the place then one day shoots and kills ? My answer is Life In The Real World requires that we are cautious and have the ability to defend ourself if the need arises. I have said this before when the Sandy Hook shooting took place and I will say it again, “ if one of those people or more in the nightclub had been carrying guns then maybe number would not be 50 dead.  The idea of gay people carrying a gun for self defense is common sense and has nothing to do with politics or saying hurray Donald Trump the lord and savior said this so I will vote for him. Another common sense thing is making sure that people on No Fly List, people on Terrorist List are not allowed to buy guns.  Geez let’s think they cannot fly out the country, they are on a terrorist list yet they can buy a gun …… um.  I know, I know Donald Trump is going to talk to the NRA, national rifle association but in the real world, of sex lies and bullshit, hum let’s think …… the gays can talk to NRA and bring results too.


Gay people are human beings

Gay people are not easy targets to kill, to shoot at OR to take advantage of emotions