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The Good Wife Final Show

On Sunday May 8, 2016 several people were disappointed because of the ending on the tv show The Good Wife. All along the various seasons throughout the years, the end season cliff hangers had been all been Black and White. Husband goes to jail, Will gets killed, and so on and so on. Therefore, it seems only logical that the FINAL show forever and ever will be just as black and white.


The show was awesome in EVERY season, the last show was different because it was not Black and White it actually left the viewer thinking about ALL the previous shows. The Viewer Thinks about the transformation from woman point A to woman point Z …. here is this woman, this wife who started out as a good wife then got fiesty then she has an affair then her lover dies with her never getting that hidden message Eli decided not to give Alicia because she would have left husband for lover then she meets new lover but does not leave husband then lover leaves her


However, Sunday night people all over were screaming Wrong, Wrong all this is so wrong at the end of the show The Good Wife. How dare the producers give us such a quote “stupid makes no sense Final ending ?” Ok so in the end, in the last final minutes the Good Wife Alicia gets slapped by Diane because Alicia did what it took to make sure her case was won. Just in case you are asking yourself what did Alicia do that made Diane slap her, well Diane revealed the POTENTIAL gun shot bullet information collaboration between Diane’s husband and the woman he had an affair with then sold his business to .. Alicia had all this revealed while Diane’s husband was under oath testifying in court. This incident was what got the case won to where Alicia’s husband Governor Florick did not have to go to jail. So, would you agree or disagree that embarassing a high profile female attorney with her husband’s affair just might make the female attorney Diana just a bit fiesty to where she would just about Bitch Slap Alicia in the hallway !


The slap was the climax of the ending saga because after that Diana straightens out her jacket to maintain her respectability the touches the sore looking red mark on her slapped face and walks away ….. alone …… the end.


Despite us the viewer wanting just another Black and White ending that would have been too easy. Instead the Producers had us think, we had to use our brain power to find the meaning of ending of the story and to get the meaning after all these years of Black and White. THE MORAL OF the Good Wife is like the Kenny Rogers song ” you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them And know when to walk away” OR end up with nothing and all alone.

Kenny Rogers, The Gambler song