Five Police Dead And Not One Light At White House

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We the United States of America are a combination of various nationalities, religions and beliefs. However, I think that one thing that unites us all regardless of our differences is that we think it is wrong to kill a police officer.


My mom always said, “Nancy there is good and bad in everything.”   To this day several years later, I still believe her.   Their are good cops and their are I am sure bad cops but you know what regardless if a good cop or a bad cop .. at the end of the day they are a cop, a police officer who needs and deserves Respect.   I am sure you are probably thinking  “really Nancy you think they all deserve respect?”  My answer is yes because at the end of the day… A Police Officer is a Police officer who needs some respect because

  •  Who gets spit at ?
  •  Who gets thrown the finger ?
  •  Who gets danced around made fun of that cops killed ?
  •  Who is willing to rush their police car into a situation so you do not get killed ?
  •  Who knocks on the door regardless if they know you will go back, when your mate is beating you up ?


Just about everyone was upset when an ex Veteran killed 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas which is just a couple of hours from where I live in Austin, Texas. The worse thing about the deaths of the police officers is that the shooter Micah Johnson justified his cold blooded murder of the police  .. with the deaths of two African Americans in totally different states.  Mr. Johnson was so full of illogical hate, anger and intent that he did not realize the police officers in Dallas Texas were not responsible for the deaths of two African Americans in different states.


We all have friends and loved ones that we agree with and some we do not agree with. We all have friends and loved ones that we invite into our home and socialize with.  However, as a Public Official our emotions should not interfere with us doing our job and doing the right thing. People all over the world were shocked when President Obama had the White House lit up when gay marriage passed, when the musician Prince died but not when 5 police officers were killed in Dallas, Texas.  My mother always said,  “you dance with the devil and they will not only take you but they will also take your children.”    Do I believe her ?  Well look at President Obama daughter skipping one year of college so she can have one year of quote “off time”  ….. to enjoy fun, sex and drugs!