Is This Where Our Money Is Going

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Tuesday morning the tv news said  “President Obama to start campaigning with Hillary using  Air Force One.  I stood their staring at the TV in a daze half-dressed and needing to get to work on time … just thinking “but we barely have any money and our Veterans need help.”  Interesting use of ALL taxpayers money because it is not just Democratic party taxpayers money being spent.


The radio news NPR 90.5 fm along with various tv stations had announced that President Obama would be helping Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. However, never once was it announced that ALL of the taxpayer’s money would be used for the joy rides on Air Force One. Air Force One is paid for by All The People not just Democrats.   Typically the political candidate pays half of the Air Force One expenses .. that the President of the USA is going to help on the campaign trail.


I thought that out of the Democratic political party and Republican political party it was always the Democrats that believed and enforced in “we the people of the United States of America.” So, do we hold the Democratic Party up on a platform and with high expectations because they are the political party that is suppose to be for the people ? The answer is no, we do not hold the Democratic Party up on a platform because that is the impression they have given us and how they have misled us. Let’s Think, it was


  • Republican Abraham Lincoln that jeopardized his life to end slavery
  • Republican Ronald Reagan said “bring down that wall in Germany”
  • Democratic Obama more than any other President of the USA has QUITELY deported illegal immigrants back to South America


Perhaps we need to open our eyes and think before we start our quest for looking for the political party that is the “caretaker of the people” and ASSUMING it is the Democratic Political Party. It was at that moment on July 5, 2016 at about 6:30 am that I decided that I was no more a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I believed in Hillary, I loved Hillary and thought wow history can be made but the dream and Alarm Clock snooze button no more because the Alarm Clock has woken me up !  … It’s ok to say,  Thank You  for approving the same gender marriages, medical benefits etc but I’m not voting for you, Hillary Clinton and your Air Force One  joy rides !