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Letting Go Of Hate And On With Life

Hate is a very strong word and can actually cause much damage. We have all heard that it is best to let go of hate. We have all seen the posters that say hate only hurts us, we have all heard the motivational speeches that hate is not good so let go. Some people choose not to let go of hate and decide to keep it inside and then get back, pay back. Hate comes when people have anger that escalates and then turns to hate. Does hate really hurt us or is it ok to hang on to the hate that will motivate us.


See, that’s the whole thing “hang on to hate that will motivate us”  to what ? Hate can consume the life of a person to where they are guided by hate and their life doings are contributed to that hate. We have all heard the story where the female loves the man who dumps her so then she goes out to destroy the life of EVERY female the man cares about. That is a super duper Fatal Attraction because instead of just doing the standard and going after the wife the hater decides to go after EVERY woman the man cares about.  Forget the in state females only … homegirl will turn jet setter to get to all the women the man cares about.


So, what is hate ? Well, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary hate is “ intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” That says a lot, that says that a human being who is of normal emotions has feelings that have escalated the normal emotional state and gone off the grid because they are scared, they are angry or they were hurt. We can all relate to that so let’s take a look at

  • Number one they are scared. Scared of what being abandoned after a relationship ? Well you are not a child who has been abandoned in a playground, you are actually an adult who had been dumped or used in a relationship and actually scared will not find someone else for a lasting relationship. Which is probably true IF you do not change your ways. After a relationship ends it’s a great time to reflect and THINK, ok so was it me or was it the jackass ? Let me think how I reacted and what I did .. but most important what can I improve on and change for the next relationship. People use us to an extent but I think, that we sometimes choose to ignore someone using us because we want to have that connection with the person. Relationships come and go but the most important thing about a relationship is that a relationship has it’s good days and a relationship has it’s bad days … people help each other grow and SOMETIMES only one grows more. An Analogy is when a person falls into the hole in the ground I would think that in a relationship the person helps pull the other one up. Ok, so maybe just maybe the person will never grow as much as the other partner but hey good days and bad days ….. still a relationship at the end of the day helping and caring for each other. IF not then you were dumped or used but life still goes on.
  • Number two, they are angry. I think that it is normal for ANY person to be angry after a relationship or after a job or business venture because of all the time and energy plus money spent. However, IF we go into something thinking that it is GUARANTEED then we are setting ourselves up for anger later on. Once we go into something thinking that it is guaranteed we stop trying, um why try when it is guaranteed in our mentality. Oh, right we might say we try hard but actually not as hard as if we did not think something was guaranteed. It’s normal for a man or woman to be angry after spending money on dining out, gifts, etc. Plus don’t forget the questions and the um hums that come after you tell someone about no more relationship, no more job, no more business venture.  When you tell people you are no longer in the relationship, job or business venture with whoever that’s when people start with the “IF  YOU ONLY”.   I think that is what escalates the anger level because people start putting the person on the defense and the person is not allowed to say “hey it was not my fault.” It becomes something where you see yourself as the victim and here you are getting jumped, bitch slapped to the ground because it’s YOU, it’s your fault. Well, that’s enough to make anyone just a bit more angry. IF it was me, I think that I would respond with a sarcastic “Thank You for your positive vibes whoo whee lots of good energy coming from you and good-bye.”  Then because I do not want to hold that in or suppress, what I would do is in the privacy of my own space where no one can hear me (well except big brother) …. I would say Jackass, that person is a total jackass, dum ass.
  • Number three, they are hurt. Grow up, in the real world we are hurt the moment we are born, remember that spank on the butty to see if you were alive. Yes bastard, I’m alive and hurting. As a human being there is no way that we can prevent being hurt in a relationship, in a business venture or in any aspect of life. It is how we react and what we learn from that. If the person keeps bringing about the same scene where HURT AGAIN well maybe you kinda liked that doctor spanking coming into the world and never got over it. Trust me, leave that self-inflecting spanking self-inflecting hurt for the bedroom or kitchen or bathroom …. wherever you keep those whips and chains and paddles and sex belts for spanking.


In conclusion, I know that you have heard this before and you are about to hear it again. HATE hurts no one but the person that hates. Want proof ? Ok, here go two real life scenes. Female one hates the USA military and Government because they are corrupt plus up to no good. Female one goes to live in Texas where there is a military base and government installation just about every other corner. What do you think will happen to female one ? Um, well she will have whatever capabilities taken away from her by the USA military and Government. Female two hates Jews and Israel because they are so spoiled and the USA is always taking their side. Female two goes to live in California in Los Angeles where the Mayor of Los Angeles is Jewish and you’ve got a Jewish person on just about every other corner. What do you think will happen ? Um, well she will have whatever capabilities taken away from her by the Israel Mossad Intelligence Agency and Jews. Look at these two females and tell me that HATE does not hurt the person that hates.