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Star Wars 2016 Good vs Evil

The thought of good vs evil has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Remember Adam and Eve when they had to fight the evil snake. The ship captains vs the sea pirates were again a good vs evil. The present good guys vs isis, isil …. and we are surprised that the movie Star Wars made 1 billion dollars before 1 month.


When you look around and see that Syrian residents have to flee their homeland to escape evil. When you see people from Mexico willing to die because fleeing evil. People tend to pass the comments on the first occasion but then the drop that makes the cup overflow and the comments come flowing.


What is this good vs evil and why are we so consumed with the idea you may be thinking. We see it in everyday life and in all ages. The kids that get bullied at school that is good vs evil. The mechanic that takes advantage of the innocent person with no mechanical need knowledge is a form of good vs evil. We can honestly say that the concept of good vs evil does not discriminate and affects all ages, nationalities and income levels.


In conclusion, we want to see movies like Star Wars where we can sit back and let out our frustrations as we cheer for the good guys and good gals. Secretly we let our hidden desires of the death of the evil guy or evil gal come alive and wishes fulfilled. The concept of Good vs Evil could not be shown and seen in a better movie than Star Wars. I saw the movie Star Wars and it was awesome.