Starting Own Business

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As I opened the box of my business card, my legs were trembling and my hands were reluctant. I knew at that moment that shit was about to get real.


I attended EGBI, Economic Growth Business Incubator in Austin, Texas about 2 years prior to this day. EGBI teaches an individual how to have a business and how to run a business.   My first inclination was to have a cupcake business. I love baking and baked cupcakes, cakes in years prior where I won First place in the contest. However, after practicing and baking daily at home I found that my back from a lower back surgery at age 18 would not allow me to do the cupcake thing.


Then, I stated to think ok so I cannot do the baking cupcakes thing so what am I going to do ? I would really like to put these EGBI learnings to use and what type of business can I have. I had decided that whatever I decided on that it was definitely going to be Part-Time to see how this worked out. Trying this business thing part-time would allow me to keep a full time job. Days past and that turned into months as I worked a day job and blogged, wrote about various topics for my blog website Blog Nancy.  I had been asked if I wanted to be a “ghost writer” which is basically getting paid to write for someone that cannot write for themselves. My answer on that was a definite no, because what in the world are they doing getting people to pay them to write when they don’t have ANY idea on how to write. Life went on and I put starting a small business on the back burner until.


One day, I was communicating with someone on the internet and he asked me “what do YOU want to do Nancy?”  I thought about this and did not answer at first, we laughed on the internet, we cried on the internet and we communicated. Together thinking various things and discussing much along with thinking about a business idea for me and type of business for me. To reach my decision on type of business best for me, I thought about three things

  1. what do I like to do
  2. what am I good at
  3. what can I do


We, my computer friend and I initially came up with the idea of Mecca Marketing Firm. Due to being reluctant and fear of starting a business after the name was reached that went on the backburner for months. Then one day months later I was in my car thinking at a traffic light stop. I thought I’ve had a hobby of research, analyze and write for many years. Not to brag but just being realistic well I’m pretty good. This would not be like baking where my lower back would hurt because of doing too much or too often. Therefore, I thought about being a Consultant at first my inclination was hum what about a Marketing Consultant but that would limit my cliental. Then I though ok a business and personal consultant where I could best utilize all my past experiences, schoolings and skills. The name Mecca was the original name that my computer friend (who I no longer communicated with) and I initially came up with. I thought well IF I am going to do this I might as well start. I could not bring myself to offering my business services to ALL peoples with the name Mecca because the name Mecca came from the Moslem Holy city. I thought, I’ve been entrusted with this name Mecca and I just would not feel right to go spreading all over with all. Therefore, being a blogger and having a blog website I came up with the name BNM (blog nancy morales shh don’t tell anyone that because the name actually sounds chic and classy). BNM consultancy  I thought can offer Business and Personal consulting services to all peoples with retainer services available. Mecca Consultancy   offers Business and Personal consulting services Exclusively (only) for Moslem peoples of the Middle East. I set up my websites and ordered my business cards AND THEN BAM ready to start.


Having a business is like nothing else and definitely different from having a job, a secured paycheck.  Yes, this is only going to be part-time but it’s still scary to start a business, to have MY OWN business.  Oh yea, I had a lemonade stand when I was a kid and had a green tea stand (which I made from tree leafs and water then with a smile and happily sold to my neighbor kids) from which the proceeds were going  to go for my spending money when I went to China. See, I had started digging a tunnel in the back and as a kid thought I was making my way to China.  I even told my neighborhood boys I will pull up my skirts for candy and baseball cards .. shh that’s a secret.  This is something totally different from when I was a kid pitching lemonade and green leafs tea.  This is going to be  a small business where I say in a professional manner  “ hey I’m the one you want because trust me I’m really good at being a consultant, a business and personal consultant.”  So, here we are a couple of years after EGBI with business cards in hand. Wish me luck as I prepare to step into the water and start this new part-time adventure in my life !