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The Greatest Enemy Is Within And With Us

Female One, Her phone rang and the mobile phone light flashed as it laid on the night stand at 3:30 am. She turned to see who the phone call was from. For about 10 seconds she was unsure whether to answer or ignore the phone call. Then she picked up the phone and tried to sound as happy, cheerful and positive as she could. Just another midnight butty call during this 20 year quote “working relationship with her big boss”.  The man named J was so smooth that he had actually convinced her that she loved this life and preferred being a lesbian than having him around all the time. This was standard behavior from the man who had known female named V who was one of his company employees of 20 years and had trusted her with just about every secret and business negotiation.  Afterall, male J had known female V since the company was a quote “baby” and this was their quote “baby” together they were seeing grow up and grow.  Um hum, see what I’m talking about when I saw male J was a smooth talker, smooth operator.


Female Two, The fun in Florida was unbelievable and the hotel stayed at was one of the best. The bonding and networking with the other managers was awesome and felt more like a fun vacation then work. The sex capades, the shots of vodka contest, the dancing and so on felt like this was going to last forever. However, the shock came when female name L got back to the work location and was no longer the focus of attention or called upon for the needed casual sex, butty calls. The guys, the men were so smooth that they had actually convinced her that was not ready to have a baby due as the result of the Florida sex capades so an abortion would be best for all ESPECIALLY her. The guys convinced her that she preferred being a lesbian than having a relationship with a man around all the time. This was standard behavior for these men who had known this female named L for a brief Florida bonding time and had trusted her with secrets and business negotiations.


A man really has no idea what a woman goes thru or has to endure. The days of Casual Sex were in the 60’s and 70’s not in 2016. Then to top it all off the woman has to sound cool with an “oh that’s ok honey” attitude. Plus the female has to sound happy, cheerful and never say a negative thing or bad karma will be let in. So, what can a woman do ?  Complain, say lets talk, quit her job, become an alcoholic. Well actually in the real world what women do is smile, not complain, sound happy, cheerful and most of the time not say a negative thing UNTIL  …… they talk to the company employees or mans competition or the federal and international authorities.   Then the females try to hurt back and make the man or men feel as much pain as the female did. The female in situation one and the female in situation two will typically blame someone for their doings that the man cares about this way it’s like using coupons instead of buy one get one free, it’s hurt one and hurt one free.


You see in the real world men and some women also have put restrictions on relationships.  Too busy so do not want to get upset, they cannot be told NO, ask why or express negative emotions because will quickly be called Emotional, Negative, and shut out. We make people smile, tell us happy things when they are hurt.  We make people sound cheerful when they want to cry and they want to shout “ I hate you. ”   Therefore, suppressed emotions, suppressed feelings will come out because you cannot continue to put more drops in a cup, or shake a soda water bottle then open the bottle with no shazamm fizzle.  It’s just a matter of when and where these bottled up, suppressed emotions are going to come out. One way or another Female One and Female Two will get the man that hurt.


The next time you think it’s your competition, the next time you think it’s a foreign head of state, the next time you think you know for a fact it’s that person you argued with that is out to get you …. THINK AGAIN …… because The Greatest Enemy is The Enemy Within smiling, giving happy cheerful positive responses to keep bad karma from coming in ………………………. per your requirements.