Avoiding World War 3

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In the year 2016 the Russian and United States Diplomatic Relations are at an incredible low. Actually the relations between Russia and the United States stink and are very bad. Hillary Clinton and her staff have accused without proven fact, the Russian Putin administration of hacking her emails and making them public. In actuality the email are hacked from one location and then sent to a different location as if to seem hacked from Russia (good modern technology).  Edward Snowden is quoted as being in Russia where he is getting protection from the USA. The two attributing causes to the problems between Russian and the USA are

  1. unproven false accusations
  2. no communication


The two men in charge:  USA President Obama  who had a career as a lawyer and loved by the people for his Civil Rights Activist works prior to his being President of the USA has been unable to communicate effectively with President Putin. In fact, President Obama was so charismatic and loved that when he was just a temporary employee and his wife Michelle who was very proper and professional worked at the same law firm, his bosses decided to pick Barack Obama to move forward and told his then girlfriend Michelle to quote “ you better take care of this man”  That statement that Michelle’s boss told her outside the movie theater got Michelle so angry that she was willing to stop talking to Barack Obama (as shown in the movie Southside With You). Interesting that President Obama, a man with such great communications with the people would feel intimidated and not be able to communicate with Vladimir Putin. Russian President Putin  who had a career as a disciplined having to answer to superiors was a KGB Russian Intelligence Officer prior to his being President of Russian and has been unable to communicate effectively with President Obama. President Putin had to grow up in a country where you question nothing and do as told for the government, forget the people. President Putin is actually a kind man however if you push him and make false accusations then like ANY human being he will get angry. However, after all the threats and blackmail made by Trump towards Putin … President Putin is a Libra with characteristics of being kind and he actually prefers Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. That’s right, Putin does not like Trump and that is why Trump used Kremlin contacts to threaten and blackmail Putin.


Unless we remember what taught in school of KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE  speaking with.  The 2016 Presidential Elections will make a major impact on improving or continue to separate the Russian and USA relations. Ultimately after the debates, after the campaign speeches the winner of the USA Presidential Elections 2016 is going to be the person the People of the USA feel would be best for the country and who the other Heads of States from various countries are willing to accept and work with.  The USA relations with other countries have been hurt for many years as proven facts will show from the movie 13 Hours of Benghazi where several countries called to help evacuate Ambassador Stevens and his staff …… not one country said yes and all found excuses not to help the USA. Therefore, the next President of the USA needs to be someone that will have every Head of State say “you know we are not allowed but we will offer discrete help.”  It is important to remember what taught in school of KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE  speaking with. For example President Obama needs to think when speaking with President Putin he is speaking with a man who has grown up with the government and is disciplined.  When President Putin is speaking with President Obama he is speaking with a man who has grown up with the people dancing, laughing, joking, playing around, using sense of humor  to connect with the people and keep that people and Obama interaction going … YET President Obama is strict and disciplined (how many people do you know pay off their student loans willingly).  This is where I get to plug in my attended EGBI learnings of how to have and own a business .. my chosen business is being a Consultant personal and business consultant with retainer availability .. BNM Consultancy  www.bnmconsultancy.com  Mecca Consultancy   www.meccaconsultancy.com


In conclusion the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States of  America are going to be watched by many people in the USA and all over the world. The people of the USA definitely have a tough realistic decision to make as early voting gets closer and November 8, 2016 the official election day gets closer. We do not have to love or even like the person we vote for or is the next President of the USA, we just need to feel confident the person will not take us into World War III and will get us help from other countries if we need help..