Insecurities Displayed

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The clerk was behind the smoothie counter and did her same job everyday not really thinking about the DIVERSITY that the public store drew in for business. Then one day, was a bad hair day or just feeling a bit on the down side but she went BAM an all out attack on who she stereotyped as a conservative customer. Has it ever happened to you that you walk into someplace then because of insecurities made to feel like YOU are the different one ?


Life was just another busy day with the first stop start to pick up a smoothie at the grocerie store. Why should this be any different from other days of a quick smoothie pick up at the favorite smoothie place that makes the best smoothies in town. But this day something was different, the clerk was a bit offline and rude and she had on the same big ear piercings on both ears except this time the ear piercings were big Oreo Cookies.


So what happened ? The environment was the same, the job department was the same, the smoothie order was the same, and the customer was the same. Well, what happened is that on this one particular day their were more conservative customers in the store, especially in the immediate area. The store clerk was feeling a bit insecure because of the customers stairs and hard glances. Then a customer went up that she, the grocery store clerk thought was a soft target and the grocery store clerk decided to LASH OUT at the soft target. The grocery store clerk felt bad and felt insecure therefore she decided to attempt to make the customer feel the same way.


Putting oneself to work in a PUBLIC  PLACE  will always open you up for ridicule because somebody somehow is going to say something, you cannot appeal to or  please everyone !  What the store clerk failed to realize is that whenever a person works in a PUBLIC PLACE that location gets ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. Not all customers wear ear piercings, Not all customers are conservative, Not all customers are etc etc . Insecurity Displayed is exactly what happened here in this situation. Sometimes people think that the world revolves around them without realizing that they are one person inside a big planet with all types of people. You see you cannot expect ALL people to be the same like you or think the same like you AND when you put yourself in a public place you are opening up yourself for someone not agreeing with you or your ideas.


In conclusion, the most important thing in life to remember is that whenever you put yourself in any public workplace that location gets ALL types of people. I may have blue hair or purple hair plugins when I got out but then dress conservative when I work. Another person may have pink hair at work and go out the same way. Insecurity displayed is one way of showing that you are not sure about your decisions and or willing to accept other people for who they are whether that is conservative, liberal, nerds, etc. because YOU THINK and YOU WANT all people to be like you.   All types of people exist in this planet and all types of people have different standards, you may think it’s ok to fuck in the parking lot and others may decide to fuck in the bedroom while others might thinks it’s ok to fuck in the back seat of a car.