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Life Has Some Disappointments

On Tuesday November 8, 2016 the Presidential elections brought an end finally to the long arguing and remarks about the elections for President. The most important thing that just about everyone will remember about November 8, 2016 is that they were completely surprised by the results. According to the polls taken it was Hillary that was supposed to win the Presidential election. So, what happened ?


Well, for starters a lot of people that voiced they were going to vote for Donald Trump were subject to rude remarks, insults and threats. Therefore, a lot of people when asked who they were voting for either answered with Hillary Clinton or undecided. Then on election day whether it was Early Voting or the official election day of November 8, 2016 they voted for WHOEVER they wanted and no one would know because it was just the voter and the voting booth.


The difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was only 112,000 votes. The small difference in votes indicates that IF people had been interacting with the public then perhaps the outcome would have been different. Everyone was so certain that Newsweek magazine made thousands of magazines with the cover of Hillary Clinton. When we do not allow people to decide for themselves .. we are only hurting ourselves. Don’t believe me, well just look at the Hillary and Trump elections where most said voting for Hillary Clinton until they got in the privacy of the voting booth.


In conclusion, LIFE has lots of disappointments and we as adults must learn how to handle them. Lots of adults learn to say “ouch that really hurt” instead of being destructive with protest that turn to riots. Please tell me what good can come from being negative ? Life sometimes stinks but life goes on,

  • we walk
  • we fall
  • we get up maybe bruised, cut, dirty
  • then we decide throw ourselves back down or get on with life