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Two Dying Women With Different Attitudes

It started just like any other Thursday not expecting the day to turn into a life lesson. I woke up and decided I’d skip the coffee till about 2:30 pm I realized COFFEE PLEASE. I had some corn flakes cereal with bananas and milk for breakfast then went about my day. By almost the end of the night 10:30 I had learned one of the most valuable lessons just by observing and communicating with two women. I saw two women in the same situation however two totally different attitudes.


It was about 2:00 pm and I thought I sure could use a glass of iced coffee. Therefore, I stopped off at Starbucks on Far West in Austin, Texas. I was sitting at Starbucks on my laptop and then she walked in. At first I thought, “oh great here comes grumpy again”.  The person referred to as “grumpy” is a woman is has been diagnosed with cancer and has undergone much chemo therapy. Today was different because I could see that she walked in but she was in pain. Yet to my surprise woman number 1 willingly strived to smile and seem cheerful. Honestly, I was completely surprised about her not “grumpy” attitude. I then thought nothing of woman number 1 and her changed attitude as she went to sit down on the opposite side of the room. Then as I was leaving I saw woman number 1 sitting at her table. It was then that I realized how much I admired and respected her new attitude. I thought here is this woman who has been diagnosed with an illness and is dying. Being angry and asking “why me” is normal however there is a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING ANGRY AND BEING DISTRUCTIVE. As I walked out the door I silently to myself thought “I am not perfect, I am a human being however I am going to say a prayer for this lady. Then I started Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam Dear God, I pray that you allow this lady to enter into your kingdom and her name is written in the Book of Life …… and I walked out of Starbucks.


Then I went to exercise at Gold’s Gym who has a Cardio Cinema. Being able to exercise while watching an awesome movie is one of the favorite NEW things to do. After my workout I showered and went about my day not know that I would see Woman Number 2. It was Thursday evening and a usually semi cheerful person was on this one day not only anger filled but destructive filled. I was shocked that such a person could be willing to be so destructive. I talked with woman number 2 briefly and learned that she has lupus. Per the Mayo Clinic definition of lupus, “Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by lupus can affect many different body systems — including your joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs”.   I worked with a woman many years ago who had been diagnosed with lupas and she too was filled with that destructive rage. I remember her because it was right around that 911 time and with all the 911 happenings and reactions I completely lost track of her but later heard that she had died of lupas. So, back to woman number 2. I sympathized that she had just been diagnosed with lupas however thought how much she had to be thankful about …. an awesome new job, some good schooling and etc etc. However, no woman number 2 insisted on not letting go of her destructive attitude and mentality. I thought being angry and asking, “why me” is normal but what’s up with the destructive attitude and mentality. As I walked away from woman number 2, I thought to myself “wow”


In conclusion, by the end of the night I thought this was definitely a strange day. I came across two women, both know they are dying and two different attitudes and mentality. In actuality, we are all going to die someday because it is a part of life. The difference is that some people know in advance however that certainly does not guarantee that will be the cause of death … AND some people are taken by surprise.


In the life cycle
there is a start date and there is an end date …
it is the unique design we decide on
between the start date and end date
that make a person say
I will miss her/him
wow I thought that she/he was never going to die