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If I Change My Agenda Will You Change Yours

“When their is a room and in that room are three men, five women and one elephant does that elephant issue have to be addressed or can things be as normal? An elephant in a room can cause much to happen such as people running out the way, someone might get scared and someone might panic then jump out the window.  So, let’s address the elephant ? in the room. The Jewish person and their agenda is the elephant in this room called planet Earth.


According to the Webster Dictionary, the definition for the word agenda is “a list of things to be considered or done.” Then the dictionary goes on to say that agenda is “an underlying often ideological plan or program.” When you open up an agenda you typically see a monthly set of blocks and then some pages with each date. I might write July 4, Independence Day picnic at mom’s. To Bob sitting next to me he might write July 4, clean the refrigerator and paint the fence. The point is that the same day has different agenda’s for different people. Did you get the key words “same date, different plans, different goals.”


Too many times people walk around angry, frustrated, hurt and total cry babies because they claim that someone used them. I often take the time to ask, “in what way were you used?” That question will totally surprise a friend who thinks that you will automatically take their side. However, a true friend will make you realize that PERHAPS things are not as we suspect. Back to the question of “in what way were you used?”


The typical answer is male claims woman used him for dinner, female claims male used her for sex. However we forgot the agenda and the squares in the agenda that EACH person writes on. I may write something in MY agenda and you may write something in YOUR agenda for July 4. We each decide if we will go with what is written or deviate from the plan. We have come to EXPECT someone to change their agenda because we change our agenda. However, each individual has the option (key word option) to keep or change their agenda, understanding that it was an individual personal decision. Let me give you an example that will leave you thinking “oh”. Example is two men walking into the store with an agenda to go into the store and buy items. Male one walking into the store holds the door for male two. About 2 hours later same men walk out the door, this time male two is in front and walks out the door not looking back or holding the door for male one who has 5 grocery bags. Two individuals, two agendas with neither agenda being obligated to the other agenda.


In conclusion, the next time you see an agenda not only look but acknowledge that inside the agenda are pages with monthly squares. An agenda has monthly squares with dates that will be filled differently by each person. When a person sticks to their agenda they are not bad or heartless they are simply sticking to their agenda. As humans we sometimes tend to think the “if I __” then PERHAPS the ___ will change their agenda. In Life we have no guarantee that if we change our agenda then someone else will change their agenda. The best we can do is accept EACH individual has an agenda and remember it’s ok to say “fuck you.”