But The Label Says, “made in India”

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I have said this before and I will say it again. I did not vote for Donald Trump and was completely surprised when he won the Presidential election November 2016. However, since he is the current President of the USA then I support him just like I would support anyone that I did not vote for. What can we do now except support our current President AND hope he is impeached then replaced by VP Mike Pence ….. but was that the actual Republican goal ?  


He, Donald Trump  won the hearts of many Americans.  Donald Trump got the votes of many people with the slogan “make America great again.  Months later, the result of many peoples RESISTANCE  and research we have discovered that the label  “make America great again”  well that label  says  “made in India.”   The results of the hard works of many people do make sense and I will explain to you why.

  • First of all, according to Homeland Security the terrorist from India are worse than the terrorist from Moslem countries.
  • The country of India is where they put “necklaces” on you except it’s not a jewelry necklace it’s a bomb necklace.
  • The country of India rapes their own women, remember all the news stories.


The ultimate goal for ANY terrorist organizations is to Control and Manipulate. So, let’s take a look at President Donald J. Trump’s actions.

  1. Ok, well for one he has labeled Moslems as  the bad guys, putting a ban on a lot of  Moslems. True, we the USA do not have any money and we cannot afford to feed NEW people before we take care of our own Veterans etc …….. See, the justification of actions are good however something just does not feel right.
  2. Second, the wall with Mexico and wanting Mexico to pay for the wall. Once again we are casting blame on the Moslems AND Mexicans for wanting, needing the wall.  Per Homeland Security many Moslems were coming in disguised as Mexicans and spoke perfect Spanish. Moslems are being banned from 7 countries (that know what terrorist are like, fleeing terrorist and familiar with terrorist deceiving ways).  I REMEBER Donald Trump saying that you can lead people because they like you or out of fear!  AND that is exactly what I believe we have here, the fear instilled into people of  “this can happen and you know this can happen because you have seen and experienced it yourself.”


In a nutshell remember the goal is to instill FEAR,  to justify behavior or actions. Then control and manipulate by alienating (separate make stand alone) .. then take over!  We, the people of the USA are faced with many questions.  TRUE their is good and bad in EVERY nationality and religion therefore we cannot say that ALL people from country of India are bad.  A custody battle between two terrorist groups Moslem and India is not what the USA needs to help the USA or get the USA out of debt.


In conclusion, the words of Donald J. Trump brought about the Republican majority in the House and the Senate. With Donald Trump being a loud mouth outspoken individual I think people knew that Republicans would win in the House and the Senate …. IF they let Donald J. Trump lead the way.