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Learning Opportunity

There are times when instead of complaining or getting upset we can do something else. Just in case you are asking yourself, “hum interesting and what can WE do”?   Well, we can use the situation as a Learning Opportunity. Choosing to use a situation as a learning opportunity will turn a situation from bad to good. The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is capable of ADAPTING since adaptability is the key to survival. The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is capable of helping each other. People helping People, Human Beings helping Human Beings.


Let me explain how we can use a situation as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. Let’s take  “politics”  which is something everyone is familiar with and usually complains moans and groans about.  The recent presidential election Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton brought about much shock. Despite the upsets and the shock it is possible to use the recent Presidential Election situation as a Learning Opportunity.  Many people were shocked but the biggest Trump supporters were the closet voters.  The closet voters were the deciding factor because the Electoral Collage could have been appealed to and enlighted about the dangers of having Trump as President of the USA BEFORE the outcome. When you STOP people from practicing their Freedom of Speech, when you harass and argue with people who have different opinions than your opinion …. YOU are turning those people into closet supporters of a cause or situation. THEN one day at the opportune time BAM all the closet supporters come out at once and GOOD-BYE to you and your desired outcome.  Ok, so lost and it is gone now … the opportunity to in a civilized calm way benefit feature Hillary Clinton and show why she  would be better than the current President of the USA … however ALL IS NOT LOST.


OK, HOW DO WE turn the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA into a Learning Opportunity ?  Turning the frown into a smile, turning this situation into a Learning Opportunity comes when people realize that they can …. IF ….. THEY WANT TO ….. help each other.  Honestly, we the USA Government have no money to help immigrants BUT the people that can help is the community (groups of individuals with the same beliefs and want to help immigrants).  These Groups of People help immigrants coming into the USA using their own MONEY AND RESOURCES DESIGNATED ONLY TO HELP incoming immigrants to the USA.  The reason I use the key words “money and resources designated only to help incoming immigrants to the USA”  is because many people, many USA citizens believe that they would be in better economic status, in a better lifestyle IF it was not for the USA helping these immigrants. Sometimes instead of people accepting it is because of their attitude or arrogance …. people would prefer to make themselves believe that it is because of these immigrants that their life wishes have not been fulfilled.


I like to avoid questions before they start. Let me say, that I have done research on Syria and the USA communities (plural) helping the immigrants is not a Syria scenario. There is a DIFFERENCE between

a country, the USA being financially capable and having resources to help


a community, group of people that stop the country from helping so that they the helpers look like the hero’s and get the sympathy of people


The USA, United States of America does not have the financial capability, does not have the resources etc to help  immigrants. An analogy is IF I have no money, if I have a small one bedroom apartment I do not have the financial capability and I do not have the resources to help and adopt the 3 kids of my dead sister …. VS …. IF my jealous sister keeps the lawyer from telling me about the guardianship of my dead sisters 3 kids, then runs to the lawyer and shows how she can help and takes the 3 kids in saying that I REFF– USED.   Do you understand and accept the difference between people keeping a source from helping VS not having the financial capability and resources to help ?  In Syria the rebels intention was to have President Assad look like the bad guy (kinda like she REF– USED to take in the 3 kids of her dead sister oh my gosh .. so then __ had to come to the rescue and look like the hero).   In Syria the rebels kept the government from helping so President Assad (who was an eye doctor in Europe with no desire to be President of Syria until he had no choice because his brother was killed when rushing to check on monies misused) … would look like the bad guy, when that did not work then the punishments to the resistant people started and the blame put on President Assad.  The USA with groups of Communities helping the  immigrants with monies and resources designated ONLY to help immigrants …….. is not a Syria situation where rebels are helping the people to look like the hero’s!   The USA has no financial capability or resources to help the immigrants.


Hey listen I have been more than willing to support our President of the USA REGARDLESS of who wins the Presidential election.  Their comes a time when we think and accept “ok this person is making decisions based on his/her hate kept”.   No Hate Kept Example: I have a brother named Gilbert who reminds me so much of Donald Trump.  HOWEVER ONE BIG DIFFERENCE my brother Gilbert did not maintain the anger level and let his kept anger be the deciding factor on future decisions. Gilbert has been a missionary in Mexico and the USA border towns where he had his family dog slashed and killed by immigrants trying to cross the border .. when you have kids and the family dog is killed that can be very upsetting to the ENTIRE family including kids.  HOWEVER despite the ugliness experienced there was no hate that remained. IN FACT in order to help and teach kids that are mentally challenged, kids that had been labeled delinquents … Gilbert would drive to and from work for 2 hours so he could work in Austin, Texas while living in San Antonio, Texas … all so that he could help make a difference and help people who were at a disadvantage.  Hey, 2 hours EVERY DAY and 5 days a week, that is something that despite how much I care … not even I would be able to do that.   Hate Kept Example: Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy more than one time and has seen the lows.  I remember reading as a kid that Donald Trump used to say hello and ask all peoples the bellboy, maid etc how they were.  Many years later AFTER many hurts, many years later after many scares of losing it all and the scare of being dirt poor he has stayed bitter.  Like my mom says, “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it”.  We the American People and various countries could have been told on national tv that honestly we have no money, we cannot afford many things … using those words would have softened the blow and made people realize that it is TRUE we are limited on resources and tough decisions have to be made.  But the anger kept, the bitterness kept and the hate kept Donald Trump from using softer words and saying the truth.  Instead Donald Trump used macho words, words to toughen and words to harden.


In conclusion, as originally stated in the beginning of this blog post, when we use a situation as a learning opportunity we are turning a situation from bad to good .  With that being said this Presidential Election result with Donald Trump President of the USA leaves us with a Learning Opportunity to show we can help each other.  Maybe, just maybe there is a higher power out their somewhere that has said to us …. ” ADAPTABILITY is the key to survival so IF you choose to adapt to the election results and help each other you can survive”.    Donald Trump has won the Presidential Election and in order for the immigrants  to survive we can adapt to the situation.  The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is capable of ADAPTING. The Learning Opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race is capable of helping each other. People helping People, Human Beings helping Human Beings.  ADAPTING INDICATES we acknowledge and accept what has happened AND MOVING FORWARD REGARDLESS.