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You Holding Up The Line Life Goes On

Life is like being in a cafeteria line.  You go thru the line and do not just stay in one place because the people behind you will start yelling, “hey lady decide what veggies and move down the line.”  In life we meet good days and we meet “oh my gosh day” but the most important thing is to remember that we have to keep moving.


Life is not always easy and actually some people have it easier than others.  The same analogy of being in the cafeteria line because some people go in knowing they will get the LuAnn platter with fish, macaroni and broccoli.  But what happens if one of the cafeteria employees dropped the macaroni tray then no Marconi. People sometimes experience a death in their acquantances list, maybe it was a gang member or maybe just a student or maybe just a good Samaritan that got killed or maybe it was an illness. But either way we have to remember we grieve, we cry, we hold on to the good memories And Life Goes On.


In my schooling of psychology I learned that any grieving past 3 days is considered abnormal per DSM 5 the Psychology Bible.  When I first read that and it was discussed in class I though “oh my gosh how can that be only 3 days of grieving then it’s a case of a psychological disorder maybe depression or other.”  Then I read and re-read and LISTENED as my instructor talked.  I thought much then came to the conclusion that I understood WHY after 3 days of grieving it was considered a psychological disorder.  You see when someone is alive WE APPRECIATE that person, we love and we ACKNOWLEDGE the person is alive.  Then when the person dies we are saddened and that sadness of losing an acquaintance loved leaves an emptiness.  But we get satisfaction in knowing that we ACKNOWLEDGED the person was alive …. we acknowledged with loving the person, saying hi, etc. We realize that in EVERY LIFE there is a death, in every life there is a beginning date and there is an end date.  As I realized this I thought ay ha  that is WHY only 3 days of  grieving are normal BECA– USE past 3 days you start to deal with issues of having mistreated the person, maybe cheated on the person, maybe even childhood issues etc etc. Therefore, the issue has turned from grieving for a lost acquaintance to dealing with issues undealt with and passing the 3 day grieving period per DSM 5 the Psychology Bible.


In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that we need a tune up by seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist or even taking medications.  We are human beings going through life just like going through the cafeteria line with so many awesome choices.  First in the cafeteria line are the salads and oh wow the watermelon salad, the fruit salad, the jello salad, tossed salad, and look they have carrot salad .  The oh look Fried Chicken with gravy, steak, fried fish, etc and look at ALL those vegetables wow they all look so good.   We go through the line of life remembering that we fall we laugh we are happy we are sad And Life Goes On.