Customer Service

What is customer service? Well, that is the type of service that the customer receives or interprets. The reason that I say type of customer service the customer interprets is because the service might be good but the customer interprets it differently. Let me give you an example. The waitress greats her table people but when she brings the food crosses over one person to reach the person at the end of the table. Jane having the waitress arm in her face gets upset and interprets the waitress behavior as bad customer service. We don’t always get that experience of “good customer service” that leaves us wanting to come back or wanting more from this particular place. What happened ? Well simply put our expectations and our emotional needs were not met. Emotional needs being met are more important than the delicious meal at a restaurant, the delicious beverage or finding good prices at the store. We are all human beings despite if anyone says they are not emotional or care about how they are treated. What makes a person come back is that warm fuzzy feeling they get. The food may be delicious in a restaurant however if the waitress was not smiling and happy how many people do you think will go back? A lot of people will admit that customer service of a restaurant is MORE important than the actual taste of the food.

When someone walks into a public place that person is expecting good customer service. Yes, I did say the word expecting because that is expected. We have expectations of a pleasant person greeting us regardless of how their day is going or any frown that we may have on our face. Yes, the road to being nice can be a two way street however remember “we” are the customer to be serviced. Remember the words customer service, it really is all about the customer and how they are serviced. Most people are considered “constant complainers” because expect a level of customer service. When person does not get or experience good customer service are they really a constant complainer?

In conclusion working in public place requires a lot from people. My applause and cheers go to all who work and deal with the public. Customers can be rude, aloof or have 100 things on their agenda. However. it is still up to the employee to give good customer service. Working in the public required to give good customer service can be a bit much on some days. The easiest way to get through the day despite whatever going through is to remember it is Showtime. Time to put on that show and give some good customer service.