WHY.. I .. DO .. NOT .. SUPPORT .. Sanctuary Cities

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We have been taking in immigrants from various countries since the beginning of this country, since the USA was  established. The most common reason to justify the continual flow of immigrants into the USA is .. “well this country, the USA was founded by immigrants”.   OK, I got that and years ago we drove horse carriages for transportation however TODAY we drive cars. One of the most important things needed for a civilization and people to survive is being able to ADAPT.


Caretakers are the worst to recover quickly because ALL types of psychology is used to keep them helping. Even when there is no money, typically caretakers will borrow (like we, the USA  borrows money  over and over again from China). A caretaker is someone who puts the needs of others first and forgets about the needs of the self. The caretaker typically sees helping other people as helping make this BIG BAD WORLD a better place. However, if you continually put the needs of others first you will wind up so week and useless that you will not be able to help anyone including yourself. The standard attitude is, “OH but I don’t want to be hated or not liked and I like that warm and fuzzy feeling of being loved” ……. hum oh yea well I have an imaginary plot of land dum butt that I would like to sell you for only $10,000. IF you cannot accept that not ALL people will like you then you are doomed. If you are constantly doing things so that you will be loved baby it’s about time you get that need to be loved taken care of by hugging yourself. Then there is the business aspect of helping immigrants and supporting Sanctuary Cities and that is money. Lots of people get paid to help illegal immigrants. Therefore the philosophy of helping mankind is not going to hold up when you are getting dollars and pesos for your good works.


Personally, I think that lots of people would not be able to make the tough decisions of building a wall and no more illegal immigrants from South of the Border. Those are TOUGH DECISIONS that people cry about however in order to survive on our limited resources and limited money …. those tough decisions have to be made. The USA is in debt we owe money and then we owe more money.  An analogy is YOU in debt .. well how are you going to get out of debt if you keep taking in one more cousin, aunt, brother into your home to feed and cloth ? You would probably think your wife is the anti-christ and a total bitch IF your wife was to say, “no more relatives, no more friends because we only have enough money and enough resources (food, shampoo, tissue etc)  for us.


In conclusion, I did not vote for Donald Trump now President Donald Trump however I do support his decisions to put the USA first. This is the first President of the USA that is saying, “hey enough already” we really have enough only for us the USA. Tough Decision Making is why we elect people to do the job that we are unable to do. When people say, “regardless of what President Trump says we are doing what we want to do” …… that is saying that you are making emotional decisions. Emotional Decisions are decisions that you make with your emotions because you are unwilling to ADAPT.