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You Were Not Used You Negotiated Pay Badly

A common phrase that has been around many years is “ I was used”.   However, in the rage and anger seldom is logic present. Logic will remind us that, how is it possible to be used if were paid for a job? It is possible that a person is upset because being given the ENTIRE full course of the job results, you probably would have said no instead of yes or negotiated for more money. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the “I was used” statement from people.


Everyday people make decisions in ALL types of jobs of who they will hire. Businesses, Companies, Schools, Movie Directors etc all look for the ideal candidate to hire. The ultimate deciding factor on who to hire is WHO will I benefit from the most. Sometimes a friend of a friend is hired because will get lots of benefits from the friend of person hired. A person is hired for a job from janitor to movie star because of the deciding factor WHO will give me the most for my buck. People hire person who will help them

  • get more money
  • win an award
  • others benefit
  • etc


Each individual gets to decide yes or no when asked that important question of, “Do you want the job”? You get to decide DO YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR TALENT YOUR GIFTS because that is exactly what you are going to be doing. You are not smarter or trickier than anyone else so no sense if having the attitude of “I’m just gonna take the job and they are not getting anything from me”. The person or people that hire you for whatever job, know your capabilities OR they know they can get favors from your friend who asked them to hire you. It’s a trade. LIFE is SELFISH, LIFE is I will hire you because I can get ___. I have yet to see or meet the person who says “I am going to hire the first 10 people regardless if they can make me money, win me an award or if I can use them to benefit other people.


I recently saw a movie poster and will use that as a GOOD EXAMPLE. The movie Florida Project whose movie trailer, movie preview is   I just want to say that I saw the movie preview and love William Dafor an awesome actor. Ok well in this job, this movie ALL cast members were paid for a job. Psychology and sex (butty and oral sex) used on movie poster (that is called Marketing) to entice subconscious of potential viewer. The director will benefit with more movie investments. IF Movie wins award director benefits because then can say his movies won _ awards.


In conclusion, when you have a job you are paid. Therefore you are not used to benefit others or make someone money. YOU are hired for a reason. When deciding IF you want to accept the job offer it is up to YOU to know your worth. IF you want to act coy, act sneaky or try to deceive anyone well you are only going to deceive yourself and end up angry. YOU know YOUR capabilities, YOU know what YOU can do. Therefore, YOU need to say “ok this is my way of giving back to the community, to society, I will take the job and accept the payment offer. OR YOU need to say, “I am worth much more and I can do a lot for you so I would like to ask for more money.” It’s all up to you!