Learning Opportunity

Learning opportunities come when we decide we want to get something out of the situation.  This might be a good situation or a bad experience situation.  Either way we are going to get a learning opportunity out of this.  Choosing to use a situation as a learning opportunity will benefit us.  The learning opportunity is showing that WE as a community, that we as a human race are capable of helping each other.  Let me explain how we can use a situation as a learning opportunity.  Let’s take  “politics”  which is something everyone is familiar with and usually complains  about.  The recent presidential election Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton brought about much shock. Despite the upsets and the shock it is possible to use the recent Presidential Election situation as a Learning Opportunity.  The learning opportunity in this situation can be that civilized benefit feature for the desired candidate would help.  The media outlets frown on twitter outburst can actually help the person get more publicity.  Therefore, why not argue back on public twitter to get the attention the other candidate is getting.  Those are good learning opportunities for us to take from this situation.

Turning the frown into a smile, turning this situation into a Learning Opportunity comes when people realize that they can if they want to.  Another learning opportunity is with the DACA people.  We the USA have no money to help immigrants but the community can help.  The learning opportunity here is that the community, we can help.  Groups of individuals with the same beliefs that want to help immigrants can ban together and help.  These groups of people help immigrants coming into the USA using their own money and resources designated only to help incoming immigrants.  The reason I use the key words “money and resources designated only to help incoming immigrants”  is because many people need help.  However, these monies that have been donated and fund raised are designated only to help the incoming immigrants.  The community can help with work visas, places of employment sponsoring the immigrant and so on.

In conclusion, as originally stated in the beginning of this blog post, when we use a situation as a learning opportunity we are turning a situation from bad to good.  The situation has happened it’s all up to us if we want to get a learning opportunity from the situation.  With that being said this Presidential Election result with Donald Trump President of the USA leaves us with a learning opportunity to show we can help each other.  Donald Trump has won the presidential election and in order for the immigrants  to survive we can adapt to the situation.  The learning opportunity is showing that we as a community are capable of helping each other.   People helping People.