At Hobby Lobby Is It Really About Cotton

In our life, in our country and all over the world people tend to hear the loudest more.  Actually that is the norm because if someone is quite or talks low then they are probably not heard as much. What happens when hearing the loudest has more impact and more results DESPITE the fact that several exist. Is being the loudest actually doing more harm than good because of the quite, the low talkers resentment and animosity growing towards the loudest?


Much has been on the television, internet and radio about Hobby Lobby selling cotton. Many African American people have claimed that stores selling cotton is a sign of discrimination towards the African American people.  Several African American people have displayed anger toward the fact that in 2017 cotton is sold as a decoration. The discrimination theory comes from the selling of cotton associated with African Americans having to pick cotton.  It’s easy to shout “African Americans were cotton pickers and are having mental cruelty instilled by the reminder of cotton sold in Hobby Lobby stores.”  Discrimination, discriminated against are two strong words that have lead people to take down historic monuments because they are a reminder of what ancestors went through. Some people have gone to the point of justifying destructive behavior because of discriminated against.


Why the anger and protest against ONLY Hobby Lobby stores when several stores sell cotton as a decoration ?  One day I was at Michaels Arts and Crafts store in the flower department saw cotton being sold. I looked twice to make sure that it was cotton and sure enough it was cotton being sold in the flower department. Then I thought hum that’s strange Michaels store is selling cotton yet only Hobby Lobby is being trashed in public as discriminating. When I saw cotton being sold at Michaels stores, then again at Walmart and only Hobby Lobby stores being name trashed that is when I knew that this excuse of cotton being sold was something more.  So, I did research and guess what I found ?

  • Hobby Lobby is a Christian store.

Therefore, with the fact that several nationalities picked cotton, with the fact that several stores sell cotton yet only Hobby Lobby stores name trashed …… I came to think that perhaps cotton is not the REAL REASON for Hobby Lobby store name trashing.  Therefore, the shouters are the true discriminators because you are discriminating against Hobby Lobby stores when several stores sell cotton. Justifying bad behavior, justifying destructive behavior for own personal reasons.


Discrimination per just about any dictionary is “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”  Race is a factor in discrimination so if their are 6  different races Chinese, White, Mexican, Japanese, Spanish and African American that did the same thing how is it discrimination to the African American only.  Age ok well various age groups were in the cotton picking because parents took their kids to help and grandparents also picked cotton.  Sex well both males and females picked cotton.  How is a store selling Cotton discrimination only against African Americans when SEVERAL nationalities picked cotton including white people.  Isn’t this interesting that African American people feel discriminated against because of the cotton sold in stores.  Sometimes not all the time but sometimes people are just waiting in she shadows to jump up and say DISCRIMINATION to justify bad behavior and destructive behavior.  Lots of people have been discriminated against but have sought outcomes other than being destructive.  The American Indians had their land taken away.  The Spanish in Texas also had their land taken.  Did you know that Texas was once owned by Spain, then owned by Mexico.  My point is that the Indians were discriminated because of their race and the Spanish were discriminated because of their race.  However parts of history have not been forced to be taken down, street signs not vandalized, protest at stores were not a result.  The result has been to seek equal treatment and never return to the days of discrimination discriminated against.


In conclusion, my Mexican grandmother, Mexican grandfather, Mexican mother and Mexican father have all been discriminated against. They were told “NO Mexicans allowed”  along with forced to use the back doors in the USA. Mexican that wanted better in the USA were lynched in public to detour other Mexicans from wanting better. If Mexicans were still needed in the USA as slaves, caretakers etc then one of their legs was broken so they would not run away. The Irish people were discriminated against in the USA. The American Indian people were discriminated against in what once was their land. The Jewish people were discriminated against in the USA. The Japanese people were discriminated against AND put in concentration camps in the USA. Various peoples have been discriminated in the USA.  Using discrimination, discriminated against as a reason to justify bad behavior is destroying everything our grandparents, ancestors went thru who were discriminated. When I see cotton sold in stores or I see street signs or monuments I am not offended. I react with … this is what my Mexican grandparents, parents went through so I could live better. LET ME NOT abuse or neglect that.  When I am reminded of my parents and grandparents sacrifices so I am DETERMINED to move forward and do better despite obstacles.