NFL Kneeling And Influenced Youths Watching

In the United States of America EVERY individual is entitled to Freedom of Speech.  I think that being able to be oneself is the best privilege that anyone can have in the United States of America. In 2016 a football player for the San Francisco California 49ers named Colin Kaepernick decided that during the National Anthem played at a football game he was going to get on his knee to protest.  Mr. Colin Kaepernick felt that during a National football game would be a good opportunity to demonstrate, protest  against African American oppression and social injustices he had seen and was aware of.  Mr. Colin Kaepernick was an adopted child of biological African American father, biological White Irish mother this information is relevant to the blog post because it shows that Mr. Kaepernick had unresolved issues and might have been taken advantage of.  Presently Mr. Colin Kaepernick  is not on a football team, not because of the kneeling protest but because of his football performance.  Everyday people see and are aware of oppression of various people and social injustices.  However, it is how we respond that will bring a difference or our cares and thoughts get thrown to the wind.  We want to be able to influence people towards the good DESPITE what we have seen or endured.  


Today in 2017 not only are NFL football players kneeling but NBA basketball players, and MLB major league baseball players are also kneeling, throwing fist in the air or refuse to be in attendance while the National Anthem is sang or played.  I can understand the individuals ANGER, FRUSTRATION and FED UP attitudes as people rebel to something that is supposed to ensure equality and people treated as human beings.  However, the National Anthem and the flag of the United States of America is not what has disappointed or let anyone down ….  IT  IS  THE  PEOPLE  in charge that have let down so many.


How can you say that it is not a sign of disrespect when that is OUR flag, the flag of ALL the people. One problem with this behavior of kneeling is that many kids and  youths see a national sports player as a hero, an icon of an American great sport.   The picture below shows exactly how sports players  INFLUENCE  our youths.  LOOK at the picture below that shows how youths put the number of their sports hero on their shirts.   The SPONSORS Nike, Puma, Adidas, Breakfast Cereal, Gatorade and etc all want their products to sell.  The nike shoes cost about $150 do you honestly think a hard working parent or adult is going to spend $150 on shoes for a youth or teenager who is already going through the rebellious years ?   Kids and teenagers look up to sports players and will tend to demonstrate their behavior. So, are these sports players aware that DISRESPECT is what is being perceived by most adults.   Is this behavior any different from a kid throwing himself on the floor at the store because the parent says “no cookies” or “no toys”  will be bought today.  The whole point is that people protest, people speak up and stand up to good results not just get attention.  What results have come about from being disrespectful towards the National Anthem or the flag of the USA.  You and I can debate all day that it’s not a sign of disrespect however, you have your  PERCEPTION  OF  YOUR  BEHAVIOR  and I have my perception of your behavior.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that we all influence people every day regardless if you are sports star, cook or bus driver.  However, when you are a public figure you have a social responsibility more than the average Joe.  Parents and Adults put their trust in a National Sports player not to lead their child in the wrong direction.  A sports player gets paid big money paid and the endorsements are important.  YOU the sports player is what sells the product, you the sports player is what influences a youth.  It is a lot of responsibility and it may seem that sometimes their is no line between private life and public life but being a good role model should be a part of an NFL player private and public life. We need to make high profile, high paying sports people BEHAVIOR  RESPONSIBLE.  You are in positions of leadership where you have major influence.  YOU can encourage good behavior  OR  YOU  can encourage bad behavior.

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