Life After No DACA

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One of the most difficult jobs in my opinion is the job of the President of the United States of America.  This is a job where one decision will affect thousands of life’s.  No one likes being told how to do their job because they are in that job for a reason.  Let me give you an analogy (example) you are in your home cooking for guest.  One guest stays with you in the kitchen continually telling you what spices to put on the food you are cooking. Being a host, you are polite however realize that this person is not respecting your boundaries because this is your home, you are cooking and you probably know how to cook or would not have invited anyone over.


Nine states threatened to sue the United States Government if DACA was not dissolved.  I could write the names of the nine states but why bother.  Anger ONLY brings anger.   Some people say that the President should have said “go ahead sue, make my day.”  We do have people in this country that feel the right decision was made to end DACA.  As a country with people that care because we tend to have compassion and care for children.  We think that it is admirable that a child brought into this country was able to survive and make a life for themselves.  I think that the DACA rebirth is going to be a difficult decision however something will be done.  Some people face deportation as early as March 2018.


In conclusion, regardless if DACA comes back in another form.  WE have to acknowledge that this is not all on the government to help DACA people.  I am sure that you have seen job applications that ask, “Will you require VISA sponsorship if hired?”  Therefore, when the Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, etc say they will lose employees because of DACA. My response is WHY, you have the ability to sponsor their VISA with their job.  I do not ask or suggest anyone to do anything that I would not do.  If I had a business or company, I would definitely not wait on the government to handle a DACA rebirth.  I would say no problem, I have the ability to sponsor my employees with VISA sponsorship.