My Uncle John

In every life cycle regardless if it’s plants, animals or humans there is a start date and there is an end date. One life then die.When someone dies it prompts us to ask ourselves, “am I doing what I want to do in MY life?”   We tend to take every day for granted. Many people think that there is a later, a tomorrow or it’s in the plan for next year. We have only one life and statistics show that 50% of the people hate their job and not happy with their current spouse.

Recently  my Uncle Dr. John Rameriz died after a long battle with cancer. My uncle had been battling cancer for four years!  My Uncle was an awesome person, he would say “I don’t want it on social media” he was silly.  My uncle Dr. John Ramirez (psychiatrist, psychologist) died Friday October 27, 2017 from Cancer.  Four years he battled the battle and I only found out a month ago.  My uncle and his wife (both have their Ph.D’s)  every year would go on a vacation to some fantastic place.  It was definite that my Uncle John lived the life he wanted to live, he was doing what he wanted to do.  Always no matter what helping make the world, our world be a better place by guiding, encouraging people to do better and be good people.

I have spoken about this in previous blog post. In Judaism and also in DSM 5 which is the Psychology Bible it is only acceptable to grieve for 3 days when someone dies.  As previously stated in previous blog post at first I thought 3 days oh my gosh.  Then I took a step back and was thinking and thought  “yes that sounds about right that is the appropriate number of days to grieve before person goes into a temporary or permanent state of Depression.”   The reason only 3 days for grieving is acceptable is because  ALL  ALONG  we are suppose to be appreciating the person alive.  We say “I love you”  or  “I will miss you”  or  “thank you”  while the person is alive.  We do not wait for the person to die because who can hear us ?

In Conclusion, I wish that EVERY life cycle plants, animals and humans SOMETIMES only had a beginning with no end.  We CELEBRATE life and those who touched us.  We say “I am a good person because of you.”  We LIVE the life WE  want to live.  We  DO  what we want to do in our one life.   I love doing Research, Analyze, Write as a hobby.  I have been doing my hobby of research, analyze, write for many years having learned as a teenager from some of the best.  Regardless if  EVERYONE  likes my hobby, regardless if some people say no blogger, research person allowed around me …. I still do my research, analyze and write.  In this one life we can hate what we do everyday, we can hate who we are with OR  we can be happy doing what we want to do and be with who we want to be with.  The decisions in life are totally up to us.  The celebration of life is because living the life wanted to live and the many people touched.  We do not take  life for granted and we make sure that at the end of the day at the end when we are tired, sometimes exhausted regardless are able to say,  “ I AM doing what I want to do in my life and with my life”.