Projecting Good Vibes

Projecting good energy is exactly that. YOU are in your happy place projecting good.  I was reading an article that said  “change your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones”   Immediately I thought this is fantastic and goes back to what someone once told me of “find the good.”   IF we find the good in any and all situations then we will keep from being negative.   It has always been assumed that talking energy, talking good vibes, talking mood was something for hippies or people into witchcraft. It has taken several years for people to publicly talk about good energy, positive energy and the impact it has on us and our atmosphere.  Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”   We match the good vibes, the good words, the good reaction because that is the reality we want in our life and in our atmosphere.

Let me share with you an incident where I sought to Find The Good and keep the vibes good in the atmosphere. Recently an Owl votive candle holder that I have fell down off the counter. The Owl votive holder had a brass copper color so I thought it was metal or aluminum and I was wrong.  When the Owl votive holder fell it broke and I was not only surprised but sad because I knew that Yankee Candle had sold out of the item at some of the stores.  I remembered about find the good in ALL situations so I stepped on one of the pieces and said “Mozel Tov” what is said after a wedding.   You see I used the broken glass to wish myself good.  I called various Yankee Candle stores to ask if they had any of the Owl votive candle holders since the internet website was out.   The most important thing I realized is that the Yankee Candle store in Austin, Texas actually cares about their customers.  You see once again something good made out of the situation because I the customer realized cared about.  My Owl votive candle holder was found in Houston Texas and REPLACED (of course after being purchased).  I sought to find the good and keep the vibes good in the atmosphere in two different ways, one by saying ‘Mozel Tov” and two by being thankful that Yankee Candle provides excellent customer service.

In 2017 people are being hired to make Personal Appearances to project tranquility and other good vibrations to the environment, location and/or person.  You are probably thinking “oh my gosh hire someone to make a personal appearance and project good that is so foolish. Oh really well people are being hired.  Athletes train so that when they compete they will win.  Models watch what they eat and stay in good shape so that when a Model is needed they will be called and hired.  The idea is to stay in shape so that when needed will be called upon and hired. The same thing of staying in shape applies to people that are called upon to change the vibes, projection in the immediate environment or person. Let us keep in thought that just like someone can be hired to project good people can be hired to project bad, evil, jealousy, destruction etc.   The point system is what I call the Level of Hierarchy Power, the Hierarchy Level of Authority depends on various qualities. The more qualities have the more power, authority will have.

  • Tattoos.  Let’s compare two people one has tattoos and one has no tattoos, well according to various religious published writings, the body is our temple that should be taken care of and respected. Therefore the person that has no tattoos has taken care of their body and respected their body and overcome temptation of getting a tattoo. Therefore, the person with no tattoos is rewarded with more power and authority when doing the same thing as a person who has tattoos.
  • Drugs.  The same applies to not having done drugs because the person who has not done drugs has more authority power over the one who has done drugs. You get my road map here, of the more qualities you have contribute the more valuable you are.

In conclusion, we able to control and change the VIBES of a location, person, or business.  Albert Einstein said that “energy is everything” that is a quality not to be underestimated.  Lots of people that are depressed can benefit from having the mood changed in their location, environment.  What IF what Mr. George Bush said years ago is true about “it’s good vs evil”.   I think it’s been that way since the beginning of time.  We are fortunate that we are starting to understand the concept of “energy” so that we can change the environment, etc.  It’s not about creating a Utopia it’s about understanding that we can help a more pleasant livable good vibes atmosphere just with our behavior. It’s just like Albert Einstein said  “match the frequency of the reality you want”.