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Trump State of the Union Address 1/30/2018

On Tuesday January 30, 2018 President Trump gave his State of the Union Address. I have watched many State of the Union Address on TV however this was the first that SCARED me. This was the first time that in MY opinion educated people, people established and people in positions of power behaved like children. In total about twelve Democratic U.S. Representatives and Supreme Court Justice Gingsburg did not attend President Trump State of the Union Address.


We tell our children they need to behave. We tell kids that are fighting or misbehaving that they need to behave. And sometimes we tell our teenagers that they need to behave. However WHAT do we do when it is educated people, established people and people in positions of authority that are behaving like children? Does saying the standard, “you need to behave and get along” do any good?  Does it work to say the standard “you will always have SOMEONE in your job or your life that you need to co-exist with”.   Not only is the country divided because Donald Trump won the Presidential election but increases of race discrimination have risen.  People are sticking to their own nationalities, Hispanics sticking to Hispanics, African Americans sticking to African Americans, White sticking to Whites and so on.  See how divided our country has become when little clusters are being formed and people are supposed to stick to their color cluster.  All the purples in one corner, all the yellows in another corner AND then we talk about the gangs sticking to their own colors when educated people are doing the same thing. Geez really.


What makes this whole situation worse is that it’s not Democrats sticking with Democrats or Republicans sticking with Republicans ………. it is colors and nationalities sticking with colors and nationalities.  When colors stick with colors that puts all the works down the drain that Martin Luther King did, that the Equal Opportunity hard workers worked for.  People died and some were tortured so that people of various colors could live in society together.  I am brown, I am a Mexican so should I get with the cluster color of brown that says DACA first before me ?  I will be honest with you and say that I too want the American Dream of owning a house, a good job etc.  I want a better life yet I have to go behind someone that is not from here.  IF I go to Mexico or France or Switzerland and say that I want my desires, my wants first before their citizens WHAT  do you think is the response ?


We all want a better America, we want to live the American Dream YET we don’t want someone telling us what to do.  Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.  I did not vote for Donald Trump, heck I did not even want him to win and shocked when he won.  However, since he has won and he is our President of the U.S.A.  until he gets impeached then it is important to behave like adults.  Not attending a State of the Union Address is not going to look bad on any President of the United states.  The opposite happens when people in political positions decide not to attend the State of the Union Address because people start thinking and saying “wow I guess they are not willing to work together” or “such childish behavior from a person in authority”.  In life sometimes people will get a job they are not suppose to get, they are not qualified for or they are just too plain stupid to have.  However, until that person no longer has that job it is necessary to maintain Professionalism and go to work and go to work events.